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Jackets similar to ones at this store preferably, if there's any stores in nyc like this.
I'm looking for a jacket similar to this one, if possible without a hood though . Something slim fitting, without shiny material in a khaki type color. Any suggestions on where to look in NYC or others online. Thanks.
Ok thanks for the advice, what would you guys consider basics by the way? I have a decent amount of plain t-shirts , maybe 20 or so and then 8 or 9 button ups, 3 or 4 jeans
Aside from getting them hemmed, I'm just looking for different styles and looking to buy a higher quality pair to last me a while. I don't really know a whole lot of brands though.
I've always had trouble finding jeans that fit right, I'm about 5' 6" to 5' 7" and about a 30-30. Or more like a 30" waist 29" length. I've come to like the Levi 511 however, I'd like some other options. My price limit is about $150. Where in new york would be a good place to look. I don't mind a smaller pattern on the rear pockets but nothing to extravagant. I'm also looking for mainly straight leg / slim straight jeans, nothing too skinny though. Thanks!
Looking for stores that would carry, wolverine, red wing style boots. Went to Tani but couldn't find quite what I was looking for. What are some other places i should check out that have options at $350 and below? Thanks!
Thanks for those suggestions. I really like this style , so anything like that would work as well.
I'm looking for my first pair of boots, i'd like something preferably that is comfortable for year round casual use. I like the look of the alden indy boot and am aiming for something similar to that. I also like the clark desert boots look so it would be ok if the boot looked slightly like the desert boots as well. What could I find that is similar to the alden boots in my price range, i'm in nyc. Thanks!
Could anybody recommend me some boots/shoes for $150, similar to these . Something unadorned please. This will be my first pair of nicer shoes/boots, so something I can preferably wear in the summer time as well and is versatile.
Where can I find some decent quality button ups in NYC for a decent price ($50 or under). I've purchased some at H&M but I'm between a small and medium, the small fits great in the store, then after one wash they shrink a ton. What are some other stores I could look into that would be a better investment. Thanks.
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