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isa silent berrini s2a
same old shit
r&b hat isaora jacket + pants nico t-shirt converse
rlx isa cp
down anorak is isaora (i know, i wear their shit too much but it really works for me) hutch as in starsky and hutch?? ive never really watched the show, but i didnt think he had a beard (only other hutch that i can think of is hutch harris from the Thermals (one of my fav bands back in mid/late 2000s))
silent hat r&b jacket isaora insulated shirt + t-shirt apc jeans jv converse
silent hat cp company vest isaora shirt and pants converse
shitty pic quality (bad lighting), but: coat: chat c win (random yoox brand) jeans: apc boots: n.d.c all the wooly bits are rag&bone (except socks, they are some Dahlgren alpaca hikers)
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