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My old pair of Guidi N.17s with some great wear. Cordovan 2012.
Dude, pick what you like. Don't mind the quality - it's good no matter what. I had both Carpe and Guidi derbies in the past. Sold both but now have a pair of 992s coming my way from Hide-m. They sure are the more comfortable choice.
Label Under Construction Intarsia knit to fit 46/48 220 EURO
Label Under Construction Blazer/Jacket in linen. A little crumpled from storage. Can fit a 46-48. €200
dunno. besides the season they were introduced I haven't seen many shops pick them up (if any). by far the pair of boots I wear the most.
n.17's. tts.
It all depends on the leather. I have 41 (my normal size) backzip in baby calf and those fit tts or maybe even half a size bigger. So with horse I would definitely say go tts if they fit - even if very snug.
Mine are deerskin - also quite soft I would say. I wrap them as shown in the picture.
So I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Avantindietro Field W2 (ankle) boots. However after a few days of wear I really think it lacks support in the ankle area. Especially on the inside. Probably because it only has two eye-lets on the inside compared to three on the outside. Anyway. Has anyone else pondered about this and made extra holes for the laces? Seems like the right thing to do imo. Boots are nice, though I still need to find a proper way to tie around the...
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