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Label Under Construction screen printed gusset tee. Size 46 fits tts. Fully reversible. USD 139
AA_due black reverse
I think this is due to the soft leather and the fact that your foot is not 'held' in place. Older backzips also have a more narrow profile.
Whatever. Just take note.
You're acting like some kind of facilitator of the thread. I know you mean it well, and you add a lot of good stuff, but to be honest it's a bit annoying some of it:And no I can't look the other way. Just stop and think for a moment, and let people answer themselves. I'm sure the thread will survive even though you post less.Cheers,PS. Grown ups pick up the phone and call the shop they want to do business with. My mom taught me this when I was 10.
Jeez. Do they have a phone number? If yes, then just call them.
going BOSS with Guidi flip-flops
Any recommendations on how to get a pair of white 992s back to its original white colour? Was thinking it might not be possible at all.
Leather bag from Silent by Damir Doma in washed cow leather. Small top pocket inside. Holds any MBP etc. Straps have been customized to a fixed position, but can easily be altered back to normal. Fits all sizes. + pp fees 30 EUR world wide w. tracking
My old pair of Guidi N.17s with some great wear. Cordovan 2012.
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