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You can't be wearing fresh shit when you listen to dirty dark ass techno. Synergize yourself
I've said it before on sufu, but watching the development of TOJ from the varsity jacket thread to what it has grown into today has been remarkable. The clothes are great, sure, but the best part for me has been reading Drew's posts and getting some pretty rare (#based) insight into the business process. Shit, I remember wishing for a summer job so I could blow my paycheck on the TOJ 0. Now I'm dreaming of a promotion so I could buy the whole company. Anyway best of luck...
Me too! Wait, were you trying to make a point?
I feel like moving the straps wouldn't be such a big deal. Maybe I'm wrong?
How hard of a job would it be for a tailor to shorten the body of a 2010 DR by like 1.5'' maybe 2''? How realistic is this kind of alteration without messing with the silhouette too much?
A combination of the adblock plus and element hiding helper addons for firefox will bring the site looking back to how it was before the ads moved. Of course, I would recommend that you disable adblock when the outcry becomes loud enough that the ads are moved back again.
Never felt the need to block the affiliate ads when they were on top/bottom. They were blocked the moment I saw them just chilling there over on the right.
Sole on the YSL juts out by the heel and looks weird. Sole on the Jimmy Choos takes up too much of the silhouette, and it fucking says JIMMY CHOO! New Lanvin soles still look off. None of these are bad shoes, but fuck...the soles. (yes, I understand the Jimmy Choo branding is where few will see it, but it still fucking sucks)
Painted Redwings (not mine)
Asian Tom Cruise
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