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Roger wanted to fight against Pete. This episode was awesome.
Jay-Z just made shit on this song. Kayne is great on this remix.
Damned this action movie is the best since Die Hard 4.
I enjoyed the french version American Psycho. I am actually reading Imperial Bedrooms.
Quote: Originally Posted by streetminimal This scene was so funny!
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD i love the part where don strips the sheets off his bed and then collapses onto the bare mattress. he peeled off the whore booty juice stained sheets, realized what his life has become-his fake wife -that he finally could legitimately have in his life is going to die/even his new friends are all divorced/ing malcontents/ and he's going to die alone/- shit i'm just going to lay here and sleep. Basically...
I juste discovered how Big L was awesome. Damned, i am totally blow out. This guy's flow ans ryhmes are as hot as Hell.
Don Draper is out of his mind. The end is outstanding. The season begin well, very well!
I wanted to vote Rakim. He was outstanding on his prime time but i was very disappointed by his laste album. SO i switch ti Nas who can still release insane song after Illmatic/Stillmatic/God Son/ Street Disciples....
Rakim just innovated Lyrics and flow in Rap. We cannot ignore his contribution. BTW Paid in Full is the essence of Rap: a good live DJ and a kick ass lyricist. Gangstarr is an other example of what Rap should be.
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