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I like your blog. Keep going, it's amazing to (re)discover great Jazz songs/artists.
The 33 Strategie of War and The 48 law of Powr by Robert Greene. And the Game by Neil Strauss This book just telle patterns peole use naturally. A good material for social interaction IMO.
Amazing Finale. Don surprised me. This show is just pure win.
LEGENDARY episode. Pryce's dad is the real deal. A Commander in chief. And Pryce is still a child. Joan don't get the abortion and like someone predict it, she's gonna marry Roger. Pete definitly grew up and is above Don now. It's the greatest evolution of the show. Don tod his story to The sexy Doctor and she stayed. What a great change of pace for him. But what the hell was the last scene ? He wants to bang his secretary or just send her see the Beatles with his...
The last episode was awesome. I really enjoy the balance between the character's life and the buisiness.
I admit that it's true. Most of the Facebook pages i read are.....about me. Photos, status comments. Basically Facebook as created for this. Don't tell me about networking or friendship. This kind of stuff are done in Real Life.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc p..eggy? Damned....
Smoking to much weed is bad......
Rap was born in the East Coast. But the West Coast got 2 Pac.
Can't wear skinny jeans cause my nuts don't fit - JayZ I was born sinner, i was bor loser, now i am a winner and a convicted sinner - Ice Cube Couldn't let these dreakillers kille my self esteem so i use my arrogance as a steam to power my dreams - Kanye West (i love this punchline)
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