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I didn't know Kanye has so many ghostwriter. Whatever he give the whole concept and craft it. We cannot critizice his ability to manage his albums.
I wonder if ressurected Lady Stark will be killed again by Jon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Sure, the flying characters are LAME. it was fun to watch Xavier's pick up routine..
I watched it yesterday. The movie should have been called Erik: first class. Magneto is a badass with a deep story. We understand now why he's so awesome. The way he destroyed order following human is both sad and great.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostFullBenefits I haven't read the books, but I have a feeling Jon Snow isn't Ned's bastard, but that he does have Stark blood in him (Ned won't lie to him about that, as it would be dishonorable). I half expect him to end up marrying Daenerys. Actually, I just remember Ned's sister, which probably explains the acceptance he receives from both brother's. Which also would make him Robert's son. Jon Snow real...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Okay, almost done with the Don't want to spoil anything but there is hope for the Starks after all, and his name is Robb. Dammmmnnnnn what a badass kid. Robb is badass indeed.
Wow, i wasn't aware she was so amazing. Her body and face are both top ranked.
Quote: Originally Posted by WUKILLABEEZ78 Shaolin vs Wu-Tang (by Raekwon) So true. The album is very good.
Why keep playing with the same Superman's Viliain movies after movies?
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