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Can you explain me why Drake is so "successfull"? I just dont get it. His flow, lyrics and everything are weak. How come the YMCMB marketing schemes can be so productive? The guy is on every track, rapping like a newbie.
I bet she gonna date a Black guy and release another sextape.
i listen to Tha Carter IV this week end. It is a f*** shame for Lil Wayne. The guy is not on the best track of his own album: interlude and outro. Plus his lyrics are weaker than ever. Seriously the song John is basically a carbon copy of Rick Ross old song. Lil Wayne should seriously understand that an album is not a compilation of singles and remixes and featuring. Concentrate on your own music before claming stupid thongs about being the best. Tech9 raped your guts in...
And what do you think about the Wu Tang Clan ?
Watch The Throne is a bad album. The whole thing lack consistency and direction.
I really like the last single. The fast flow is great.
I went to the only Rock The Bell Session in Paris 3 years ago. Nas/De La Soul/ Mos Def/ Supernatural/ The Pharcyde was amazing. This year Line Up is just Legendary. It's so bad i am no in the US this summer. Hope you'll enjoy a lot.
I don't like WTT after 1 listening and a half. The beats are way too loud for their flow. The flow is constant, the line brillant. But all this don't match and the album is boring.
I am currently listening to the 2nd album of Ghostface " Supreme Clientele". The album is real dope, a crazy one. I am just astonished of the W legacy in Hip Hop. As a group or individually, they really made the greatest hip hop album of all times.
Who is their enemy? I still can't imagine a foe powerful enough to get all this superheroes in trouble....
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