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What's wit the full carbone katana....?
Nanny was great. But seriously, a entire season of loser Hank? I am bored by this dude keep chasing a dream.
I finished the season 2. It was amazing. Greater than the first one. The season 3 is awesome nom (at the 3rd episode), the political plot are amazing.
I just finished the first season las night. Dam, this show is amazing. The Plot, the actor, the conclusion. Everything (but the suit fit) is EPIC. The 2nd season start tonight.
That's right.She's a woman with boobs and ass not an boy.
RZA playing a rapper called Samourai Apocalypse is funny as hell. The season begin well. Hank fuck no one tho...
I hope the movie gonna be a complete financial failure. The more information we have, the more i think this spidershit movie will be the new "Superman Returns" aka a complete non coherent, bad movie.
Hum, the asian ninja is supposed to be dead at the end of the first episode no? Bruce Willis.
I really enjoyed Wale album titled Ambition.
Can you explain me why Drake is so "successfull"? I just dont get it. His flow, lyrics and everything are weak. How come the YMCMB marketing schemes can be so productive? The guy is on every track, rapping like a newbie.
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