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Hulk's power is only limited by his anger. The more Thor hit him, the anger he is and the stronger he is....
The Great Gatsby of Fitzgerald... Reading american classic.
This movie gonna kick ass:slayer:
I loved the communist dad, a Jean Paul Sartre wanabee...
Just watch the movie which was awesome.I didn't get the after credi scene but if i am seeing the right thing..The sequel....its gonna kick ass.....
This movie gonna be awesome.
My friends and I used to own every toys of the serie and make huge action figures battles. Bay just rape my childhood with his BULLSHIT.
The best scene of the whole season was the dream.....all rest is shitty. Hank keep losing, wining back, relosing his family is boring as hell.
These are not modified frost giants for the Thor movie?
Pete is awesome. I used to hate his character but now the ambition guy know how to play well. "Stable is the step back between success and fallin", his line is great.
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