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I am watching the 10th episode. Bets is never happy, she has always some psychological issues.
I am sure that the husband of the our English Professor gonna bang Hank's student.
Face Off was a good movie...
The Beattles. The lyrics,, the musics aren't fantastic at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I think the show is a pretty blatant ripoff of Friends... Of course. Friends is a overrated show.
Quote: Originally Posted by retronotmetro Sanjuro. I was disappointed of the lack of samourai sword style. I am happy now. A sword fight is like lightning, quick and accurate.
Last week, i watched a fight between Randy Couture and Minotaure Noriega. These guy are monster. Radny is 46 ans look like a Spartan warrior. The fight was awesome and the Minotaurus wins. I guess, i should focus on MMA now.
I am listening to Kind of Blue and other Miles Davis discography. This guy was a fucking genius!
The is no discussion. The best is Rakim. He totally change the way of rymming, singing and writting in the Rap game. All the rappers after him copy his style. From Nas to Jay-Z.
Californication is just awesome. The first season is better than the second because Hank is more nihilistic than ever. And the chicks are hot, the story funny and space. I really like that show.
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