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Hip Hop beef in 2012 are about bitch slapping. And they call themselves "gangsta"?
`Tip 1: Make a decent Superman movie with glorious vilain like Darkseid.Tip 2: Leave Batman alone.
Don is hungry for big corp. I hope the old Hilton will come back and give him his account..
The FF 2 was an epic failure, the first one was a fail.Spiderman 3 was pretty bad after 2 great episode.And the point in wanting to make a reboot because of licence reason, and cause the director left is a pity.In the same time Marvel manage to make good super heros movies.We could have major cross-over with all marvel superheroes but Sony doesn't want to cooperate.It's sure that the budget production and benefict could dramatically increase with a joint-venture.Avenger's...
Then Sony should stop making shitty Marvel super heros movies like the new spiderman or the fantastic four.Leave heros to Marvel studio and count the cash.
He's a marvel maanger who pulls string to make all these ego-maiac work together....Plus he's the head of the greatest spy agencies of the world.
I agree.The contrast between Joan/Peggy....the party all together/the departure, the timeskip direction.A pure masterpiece.
The poster are EPIC. Thanks a lot.
Indeed but her ass is greatly shaped.
It was so many the way Don calmed down Joan. Get her, give her your coat and buy her a Jaguar....that was great. And the "Take me like this"....
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