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`Tip 1: Make a decent Superman movie with glorious vilain like Darkseid.Tip 2: Leave Batman alone.
Don is hungry for big corp. I hope the old Hilton will come back and give him his account..
The FF 2 was an epic failure, the first one was a fail.Spiderman 3 was pretty bad after 2 great episode.And the point in wanting to make a reboot because of licence reason, and cause the director left is a pity.In the same time Marvel manage to make good super heros movies.We could have major cross-over with all marvel superheroes but Sony doesn't want to cooperate.It's sure that the budget production and benefict could dramatically increase with a joint-venture.Avenger's...
Then Sony should stop making shitty Marvel super heros movies like the new spiderman or the fantastic four.Leave heros to Marvel studio and count the cash.
He's a marvel maanger who pulls string to make all these ego-maiac work together....Plus he's the head of the greatest spy agencies of the world.
I agree.The contrast between Joan/Peggy....the party all together/the departure, the timeskip direction.A pure masterpiece.
The poster are EPIC. Thanks a lot.
Indeed but her ass is greatly shaped.
It was so many the way Don calmed down Joan. Get her, give her your coat and buy her a Jaguar....that was great. And the "Take me like this"....
Hulk's power is only limited by his anger. The more Thor hit him, the anger he is and the stronger he is....
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