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You do know that To Pimp A Butterfly was release in 2015?
Never underestimate a woman's will to destroy one's career for petty motivation.
I totally agree. The album is really good.Prodigy is keeping his style and the beat are well fitted.
Don Draper the jealous sick possessive bastard. I guess he will end the season completly destroyed again.
To me Bob Benson is just the nice guy of the show. The only optimistic and caring about people. A change of pace compared to all the cynical characters of the show.
I don't cre about a realistic Superman. I just want him to have worthy vilains. I mean real ones, not the joking Luthor or Kyprtonite....
I really don't like Lady Gaga voice and tone. Thank Kendrick for not using this version.
I will recommend you Art: Cowboy Bebop. The Best anime ever made. 26 episode of Art.
I heard a couple a tracks of Nas' Life is Good....Oh God the album feel amazing.
Bruce Wayne really have a cane....
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