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Thanks Magoo. I was just hoping to go from double to singe-breasted (hold the jokes please).
Any idea if a good tailor could convert this CT peacoat... ...into a car coat similar to this... ...without making mess of it? I wouldn't want to change the collar -- just the front/buttons.
Isn't that kind of like taking Viagra without having sex? I really like this Albam coat. Too bad they don't have my size. Any one know where I can find one like it in stock?
The coat is the picture is from Hugo Boss -
Anyone know where I can find a coat like this...only in navy:
This is what I am looking for...only in navy. Anyone know where I can get one?
I'm looking for a navy wool coat/jacket that is like a peacoat, but does not have two sets of buttons, and maybe not as large of a lapel. Any ideas?
totally epic - which one is your favorite?
^^^what are those boots?
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