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^answered in pm, and will answer here for others: Leg opening measurement: 8" Upper thigh measurement: 12"
Price drop - $90 down to $80 shipped.
Just added actual pictures.
I bought these from Denimbar a few months ago. I've worn them a handful of times (5-6), and have washed them twice (cold delicate cycle, line dried). They were originally 34" inseam, but I had them hemmed down to 32.5". No rips, tears or stains. Measurements: Waist: 17" Inseam: 32.5" $80 shipped in US. These cost around $250 at most places.
APCs sold.
A.P.C. New Standard - sz 29, unhemmed ($9.99 starting bid) - SOLD Zara black hoodie jacket - sz Large (Zara Large fits like Medium in most other brands) Zara grey shorts - sz 32
updated measurements
A.P.C. New Standard, sz 29: NWT H&M hoodie - size small
Eternal 811 One Wash question... How much do these stretch in the waist? I tried on a pair the other day at BiG and they fit well everywhere but were extremely tight in the waist. I would probably need at least an inch of stretch for them to be comfortable.
Just got my new pair of New Standards -- thanks Denim Bar. Question...the top button (one with APC logo on it) is very loose on this new pair and feels quite different from my other APCs. On my old NS the top button is not loose and does not spin around. Anyone know if they changed the hardware on this latest lot? Just don't want to put a lot of good wear in them and then have a defective button pop off...
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