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Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 So the 32" was 35" in the waist out of the box? Yes, but I always pull the waist at both ends a bit when I take waist measurements, so they tend to be on the high side. If one just lines up the front and back waistbands and takes a quick measurement (without pulling at all to get it competely lined up and flat), the measurement would probably be .5" - 1" smaller.
Post soak pics of size 32. As per Kiya's suggestion, I did a one hour warm soak and line dry. Shrinkage was about 1" - 1.5" in the waist, 2" in the inseam, and about .25" in the thigh/knee area. The waist is actually still a bit loose, which is fine with me. However, the thighs/knees are already about as tight as I could go. I plan to always soak/wash in cold water and line dry. Will they continue to shrink a lot more? I'm hoping that a little stretching with...
Presoak fit of size 32s. How's the fit? Do I need to trade for a larger size? The only area now that is slightly tight is the knee area. I've got about 1.5" extra room in the waist. I plan to do a 1 hour warm soak, or 2 hour cold soak.
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 These look like jeans in the pic but they are actually a dusty lavender moleskin by Incotex - super comfy. Nice shoes. I like the thick sole. What are they?
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya You need a size 32 in the SEXFH05. I'm looking for a 17" waist (after all soaking/stretching as well), but thought that size 33 SEXFH05 would be right for this. Based on the measurements on the site, a size 32 SEXFH05 will start at 33.5", lose 1.5" after a soak/wash, and then stretch back out 1". That would leave them with a 33" waist. I'm not second guessing Kiya...just trying to figure it out for myself.
^answered in pm, and will answer here for others: Leg opening measurement: 8" Upper thigh measurement: 12"
Price drop - $90 down to $80 shipped.
Just added actual pictures.
I bought these from Denimbar a few months ago. I've worn them a handful of times (5-6), and have washed them twice (cold delicate cycle, line dried). They were originally 34" inseam, but I had them hemmed down to 32.5". No rips, tears or stains. Measurements: Waist: 17" Inseam: 32.5" $80 shipped in US. These cost around $250 at most places.
APCs sold.
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