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What about this one? Does this fall into the "square toe" category that most of you despise? Would this go well with a navy suit?
So for what occasions would this AE blucher not be formal enough? I do not work at a bank or law firm. I actually work in sales for a tech company in the mountain west, so dress is pretty casual. I wear a suit two or three times a month for work, and also for the occasional wedding, funeral, etc. Would this shoe work well in all those situations, or would I be better off with a shoe like the AE Park Avenue? Thanks again for your help and patience.
Can someone please help me understand the difference between an oxford and a blucher? Thanks!
What about this AE then for my first pair of quality black shoes?
If I were to just buy one from the two above, which one would you get?
So I am thinking of getting these two shoes to form the foundation of my shoe collection for now... AE Leeds Shell Cordovan Burgundy Alden Straight Tip Blucher Oxford Black What do you think? Are they too boring? I am 32 years old and generally do not dress too formal. Would the Leeds in Burgundy go well with jeans?
Thanks all for your advice. My untrained eye is attracted to this AE shoe for business casual. What do think about it? Does the sole ruin it for most of you? Would it be better to go with a boot or shoe that is a bit more dressy and one that has a leather sole?
Thanks a lot guys for the tips. I think I will go the AE route. Which of the AEs below do you like best. To help you get an idea of my lifestyle and what I would like to wear the shoes with, out of 10 days at work, I wear jeans (dark, dry) 5 days, wool slacks 2 days, cords 2 days, and a navy/charcoal suit 1 day.
So I'm just beginning a complete upgrade of my wardrobe, and would like to now focus on getting good shoes/boots (anxious to get rid of my Kenneth Coles!). Brown is my first choice, and I would like to wear them with everything from jeans to a navy suit. This is a big decision for me because I see them as the foundation of my new wardrobe. Looking for versatility, quality and of course style. Willing to spend up to $350. Ideas? Thanks in advance!
I washed my RRDS today for the first time. I had worn them 4-5 days per week for two months. I wanted to wear them longer, but the smell was starting to get to me -- especially considering that I like to wear them to my office job. My question that they have been washed, is there any reason to try to go another two months without washing them, or will it not make much of a difference now that they have had that first wash. I am sensitive to any smells at work,...
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