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Price drop to $125.
Like new (worn only 3 days) John Varvatos Desert Boots. Purchased new from Barneys. Will ship with original box and shoe bag. Fit is similar to Converse Chuck Taylor 9-9.5, or Vans Authentic 10. Retail $300. SOLD
New Clarks Desert Boots in Taupe Distressed Leather. This leather is quite a big stronger/thicker than the standard suede. I wore these for one day only, before realizing that I need a half size smaller. Will ship in original box. SOLD Made in USA Currently 50% off with coupon NJ1108
The Converse sold but the Zara sneakers are still available. $35 shipped.
Price on Zara sneakers dropped to $35 shipped.
CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR by JOHN VARVATOS SOLD ZARA BLACK SNEAKERS These great sneakers are similar in style to the German army sneakers. Tagged size is 10. I would say that they fit very similar to a Converse Chuck Taylor size 9.5. I have worn these only 3 or 4 times. $35 shipped in US Are they a good buy at $199? Also, why do they call it a "Blucher?" I thought it was a Balmoral? Thanks.
SOLD. Sorry to all those who were interested, but I only have one pair...
I received about 10 PMs on these (guess price is too low . I'm trying to be fair and give people a chance in the order they PM'd me. Don't want to have 10 people send paypal at the same time...
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