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TO HEM OR NOT TO HEM... I just bought these Dior 21cms (Japanese) and I am thinking about hemming them (if I keep them). They come with a whopping 38" inseam, and I am thinking of hemming them down to 35" or 34". I am 5'11" Do you think I should do it? These cost me an arm and a leg, and I don't want to f*&% up. I know a lot of people say don't hem them, let them stack/bunch, that is the Dior look, ..... But I think they are mostly talking about the 19cm, not the...
I think most of the activity has moved to a single post called, "Is it my imagination...
Quote: Originally Posted by jpgm ive noticed too......and it just timed out on me about 3-4 times in a row. other sites are working fine, its definitely not my connection. actually ive noticed that thefashionspot often times out on me too....could this have anything to do with vbulletin format? I think GS means slow as in not a lot of activity, rather than slow in terms of performance. I agree GS, the activity seems to be s l o w i n g...
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 To all those who wanted a medium brown or grey herringbone bedford, but can't find a store that still carries it, I will be returning both of mine soon. I gave it a shot, but its just too long for me. So Hejfina will get my brown one back, and MAC will get the grey one. How tall are you bsyde? I've heard the navy melton Bedford is shorter than the brown and grey. Not sure by how much though.
I've been washing my Rescues about every two weeks for the last nine months, and I actually quite like the lighter, washed-out blue look. Nice antidote to all my dark dry denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy The 5EPxSF (31) has about the same rise as the APC NS (29). The seat is a touch roomier, ime. How do they compare in the thigh? I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the 5EPxSF. The only reason I'm so hesitant is because I just bought a pair of Dior 21cm, and my denim budget is getting blown to shreds!
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I have both (APC NS in size 29 and 5EPxSF in size 31.) The hem on the 5EPxSF in size 31 is just a little under 8", a little larger than the hem on the APC NS size 29, which is closer to 7.5". The hem and knee measurements on my pair of 5EPxSF are nearly identical. Most of the taper is from the thigh to the knee. Thanks LA Guy. So what would you say are the key differences in cut/fit between APC NS size 29...
^Prozach...could you compare the hem measurements on your APC NS 29s and 5EPxSF 31s (even if you just hold them up together)? I have an APC NS 29, and am thinking about getting a 5EPxSF 31, but am a bit concerned that the 5EP has too much taper for me. Thanks!
Price reduced to $160 shipped (with tracking number). Dutch auction style!
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