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Quote: Originally Posted by bant anybody know of any online retailers that sell dior 21s in indigo? For the Made in Italy (MII), use the StyleForum affiliate link (posted by J above) and order from eLuxury. For the Made in Japan (MIJ), you can do a telephone order from one of the Dior Homme stores. I ordered mine from the Las Vegas store - 702.735.1345.
Michael, Do you still do the Racing Jacket? http://michaeljkrell.com/mjkphotos/s...acingjkt2.html
It's a fallacy to think that the only way for a creature to build and maintain muscle is to eat the flesh of another creature. Have you ever stood next to a horse (especially a draft horse like a Clydesdale or Percheron) and seen/felt the incredible muscle mass and definition on those things? Horses are extremely powerful creatures (hence the term we still use today - "horsepower"), and I can assure you that their power/strength doesn't come from a diet of chicken...
lots of avocados, nuts, beans and dark chocolate. but after seeing your avatar, i lost my appetite for all of those things.
Thanks for the feedback. gamelan - I got this at Tobi.com.
I just got this Rag & Bone wax jacket, and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to keep it. Please comment on the fit. Is it too big in the shoulders? What about the sleeve length? Sleeves seems too long, but maybe that's okay for this type of outerwear??? Thanks!
Kiya - I'm sure you have answered this before somewhere, but I couldn't find the answer. Do you plan on doing another run of SExIH? If so, when? Thanks!
TO HEM OR NOT TO HEM... I just bought these Dior 21cms (Japanese) and I am thinking about hemming them (if I keep them). They come with a whopping 38" inseam, and I am thinking of hemming them down to 35" or 34". I am 5'11" Do you think I should do it? These cost me an arm and a leg, and I don't want to f*&% up. I know a lot of people say don't hem them, let them stack/bunch, that is the Dior look, ..... But I think they are mostly talking about the 19cm, not the...
I think most of the activity has moved to a single post called, "Is it my imagination...
Quote: Originally Posted by jpgm ive noticed too......and it just timed out on me about 3-4 times in a row. other sites are working fine, its definitely not my connection. actually ive noticed that thefashionspot often times out on me too....could this have anything to do with vbulletin format? I think GS means slow as in not a lot of activity, rather than slow in terms of performance. I agree GS, the activity seems to be s l o w i n g...
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