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I posted this in another thread, but since no one else has posted a pic here, I'll throw one out for scrutiny. How's the fit in the shoulder on this shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by mrphrog Shoulders, chest and right sleeve all look good. I'd only make the left sleeve 0.5" longer. If one arm is longer than the other, is it a good idea to make one of the sleeves on the shirt longer than the other? I'm worried that having different sleeve lengths will make it difficult to show equal amounts of cuff when I wear the shirts with jackets that have been tailored to go with OTR shirts. Should I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I think you should have pics of the shirt tucked in as well using proper pants (i.e. not jeans). Yeah, I should do that. But I like the fit of the shirt in the waist area. I am mostly interested in feedback on the fit in the shoulder and chest, and on the sleeve length.
This is my first shirt from Chan, and I'm getting ready to order a few more (can't wait around forever for Jantzen). Should I change anything on my measurements? What do you think about the following changes? 1) shorten the shoulder measurement by .5" so that the shoulder seam is higher up on my shoulders. 2) lengthen the sleeves by .5". My left arm is longer than my right, and it feels like the sleeve is a little short. 3) make the armholes about .5" bigger to...
Anybody own these? How are they? What do the rest of you think? I know they'd get slammed on the MC forum, but I am actually looking for something quite casual, and don't mind the rubber soles.
When does Yoox put their Fall-Winter stuff on sale? I need to mark the date on my calendar.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Anyway, I bought this from Jake: Really looking forward to it. FOK - what was this belt? I remember looking at it and really liking it, but it is no longer available at ShopJake. I was hoping that I could find it somewhere else. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix and I was very happy when I got home today to find these have arrived - once again Dave at Distinctive Footwear impresses me! Brett - what shoes are those? And what is Distinctive Footwear? I googled them but couldn't find anything...
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Why don't they have a link at the top of this page? Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree they do 20% for sufu members, not SF. //
Quote: Originally Posted by rmnd These are two week old rag & bone rb17. What do you guys think of the fit? Was it a good choice? I'm 6'3, 165lbs btw. I really like the fit. Are those the "Grey Indigo" ones?
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