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Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock in my experience with ndg jeans, they stretch rather quickly Thanks Poly. I'm a normally a 31, so I either need to size up or or size down. I've read that they run small, but also that they stretch quite a bit. Right now I'm leaning toward "sizing down" and hoping I can button them up.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Nom de Guerre classic fit jeans. I got the size 30. They jump from size 30 to size 32. The size 32 would be way too large. The size 30 are slightly small in the waist and upper thighs, but a good fit otherwise. I am hoping that they stretch out just a pinch. Maybe an inch in the waist. and another in the thighs. Also received my Engineered Garments Herringbone bedford and a olive green thermal by Nom de...
SOMET 003 Straight Fit question: Inspired by LA Guy's list, I would like to order a pair of these. If I take a size 29 in APC NS, what size would I take in the Somet? I'm thinking 30...
If you go to the Dior store in Vegas, ask for Matt. He was very helpful with my last mail order purchase and exchange of a pair of 21cm.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock there is a dior homme store in one of the bigger casino's whose name slips me now. Dior is at the Shops at Wynn Las Vegas. $325 plus tax for 21cm or 19cm raw (made in Japan). Kind of expensive for a first pair of raw denim.
The shirt is from W.W. Chan. I got measured by them in NYC. I've given up on Jantzen.
I posted this in another thread, but since no one else has posted a pic here, I'll throw one out for scrutiny. How's the fit in the shoulder on this shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by mrphrog Shoulders, chest and right sleeve all look good. I'd only make the left sleeve 0.5" longer. If one arm is longer than the other, is it a good idea to make one of the sleeves on the shirt longer than the other? I'm worried that having different sleeve lengths will make it difficult to show equal amounts of cuff when I wear the shirts with jackets that have been tailored to go with OTR shirts. Should I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I think you should have pics of the shirt tucked in as well using proper pants (i.e. not jeans). Yeah, I should do that. But I like the fit of the shirt in the waist area. I am mostly interested in feedback on the fit in the shoulder and chest, and on the sleeve length.
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