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Please comment on fit of this shirt from Modern Tailor. Particularly interested in how to get rid of billowing in armpit/chest area. Shirt is already pretty tight and I'm not sure if I can go any smaller on chest, armhole and shoulder measurements. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy If you want to try a more fashionable short look try an unconstructed short jacket that is more sweater-like, worn with trim cut chinos or jeans, no tie and a scarf for a relaxed sportswear look. I think it is an ideal look in a business casual setting too. I like the sound of this look for business casual. Anyone have any good pictures of this general look? thanks
Thanks everyone for your feedback on this. I think I'll stick with the "R" length.
I need some winter boots for snowy days and really want to like these but I'm afraid they're too bulky/chunky for my taste.
I know the old rule of thumb is long enough to cover one's ass, but what do you think about the length of this jacket? It's a 38R, and I'm 5'11". I'm thinking about trying a 38S. Would that be too short? (neven mind length of pants and sleeves -- hasn't been to tailor yet)
Quote: Originally Posted by ddddddevil these jeans look great. would you be interested in trading for apc new cure 31/34? No thanks.
Leg opening: 8" Inseam: 35.5"
Upper thigh measurement (BiG) is 11.5"
Brand new with tags. $90 shipped in US. Measurements: Waist: 16.5" Inseam: 35.5" Leg opening: 8" Inseam: 35.5" Upper thigh (BiG): 11.5"
Just got my first Peal shoes (made in England). Just curious, can anyone tell who makes this shoe?
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