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Quote: Originally Posted by CBRYDR How do you like the extra slim fit BB shirt? Are the armholes high? That's one of the problems I'm having searching for shirts. Can't find any with the right armhole height. Armholes are high enough for me. I'll try to post another pic with arms extended.
Quote: Originally Posted by unbelragazzo Also, as long as we're nitpicking, I wouldn't wear that belt with a suit... Thanks for the tip. What about the length of the sleeves on the BB shirt? They're 34. Should I exchange it for 33?
Anyone think the sleeves on the BB shirt are NOT too long? I haven't washed it yet, so maybe they will shrink a bit.
Ignore sleeve length on jacket -- hasn't been to tailor yet. Is this jacket simply too small/tight for me? It feels okay in the chest and shoulders, but I'm concerned it is too tight in the hips, which causes it to pull apart and show too much tie/belt. I'm a 39" chest and this jacket is size 38. What do you think -- try size 40? Also, here is a Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit in 15.5/34. How does it fit? Sleeves too long? Thanks in advance for any advice!
Price drop to $110.
Price drop to $120.
Price dropped to $130 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by imightbechad BiG easurements, since they've been soaked. Thanks, Chad BiG measurements since they've been soaked: Waist = 33.5" Front rise = 11" Back rise = 13.5" Upper thigh = 12.25" Knee = 8.9" Leg opening = 8" Inseam = 34.5"
Soaked once in warm water for one hour - line dried. Worn once around house for a few hours. SOLD "The SL-100x jean features raw indigo selvedge denim sourced directly from Japan’s Kaihara Mill that will fade beautifully with wear. SL cut is a modern slim, straight fit that features a slight taper from the knee down. Embellishments include custom buttons, gunmetal rivets, a natural tan leather patch by Tanner Goods, and discreet stitching details. Made in...
Also posted in Modern Tailor thread (not sure how active it is). Please comment on fit of this shirt from Modern Tailor. Particularly interested in how to get rid of billowing in armpit/chest area. Shirt is already pretty tight and I'm not sure if I can go any smaller on chest, armhole and shoulder measurements. Thanks!
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