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I was snooping through my dad's closet whilst visiting home and noticed that many of his white shirts have three button cuffs. Many of them fit me and seem to be of very nice quality, but I'm not too sure about the three button cuffs. Are they a more traditional look? Could I get away with wearing three button cuffs to work?
Thanks for the recommendation mlyngard. After looking at some of the other brands shortly after posting I realized that I was wrong too. I've basically narrowed down my search to Somet 043, Samurai S0505XXII, and Skull S5010XX/S5507XX. The only raw denim I own are the Helmut Lang Straight Fits in indigo, which are slightly tapered from the knee down to a ~7.6 inch hem. I really like the cut of the HL, but I'm ready to venture out into a higher quality, Japan-made...
Is there any reason why most mid-range raw denim ($100-200) is sanforized while higher end (mostly Japanese companies) raw denim is unsanforized? Also, does the hem length shrink after first soak with unsanforized denim? I'm looking to buy my first high end pair and I'm looking at the the following cuts of various brands: Ironheart 301s, Skull 5010XX, Flathead 3001. Any advice in choosing between the three? I have thicker than average, muscular thighs (soccer player)...
Night train... shit will leave you wondering what the fuck happened the night before. Smells like ass, tastes even worse, and the resulting vomit is potentially fatal.
I don't think I'll ever go to Napoli after watching Gomorra
Fuck me. Good thing I just saw this thread. I was expecting my suit Monday before I leave the country. Now I have to scramble.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnmosby There's nothing wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. Still, people at my school dress terribly. every guy wears a polo brand shirt with polo shorts and flipflops or sperrys in the summer, or a polo oxford, khakis, a north face fleece, backwards hat, and sperrys in the winter. It is ridiculous. you'll see three guys wearing the exact same items of clothing, but different colors. it's ruined wearing any of those...
VERY INTERESTED in 36S, possibly 38S depending on measurements. Thanks!
I got these exact ones last week. They're fucking awesome... only problem for me is that when I go barefoot and try to slide my feet out of the shoes, the midsole drags out. Quality is superb though and I'll definitely be getting more from Quoddy. Too bad they're over $200 now.
Yeah I guess I was just expecting a lot more out of the outlets. Just disappointed overall because the purchase I made doesn't seem to offset the time spent and travel expenses of getting to the outlets. Do you know if all BB stores are having the sale greyinia?
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