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Can you check your PMs please? Thank you.
H&M is having those type of shirts now. Make sure to look in all the men's side since H&M has 4 different labels for men's stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I have this one, but with the gunmetal face (though I plan to get the white as well). And yes, the crystal cracked and I had to have it replaced, but at $40 for the watch, that's ok. I liked the style, and I really enjoy how comfortable the band is. I truly dislike metal lug bands, so this is as close as I'll get to that. ~ Huntsman I have this but with a black face to it instead of white. I have...
Everybody has their own taste and I've received many people comment on how they think it looks great. I don't know why you would even bother replying to this thread and saying you think they're ugly but whatever strokes your ego. Thanks for the goodluck.
Bumping from the graves! They're up for sale!
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster A thong and a smile? I want to work for you big boy. As for what business, I don't know.
I have a job interview as a personal assistant / office assistant where his office is at his house. I'm male, what the hell should I wear if I want to work as a personal assistant at some guy's house? What I plan to wear is a white button down with black stripes, a black or maroon tie, black slacks, and dress shoes. Do you guys think that's fine or should I try something else? Also, I live in Southern California where we've been hit with a heat wave so I don't really want...
I have a job interview tomorrow as an office assistant(I'm only 18 ), how does this look? Good? Too much?
Thanks but I don't like the black soles, I prefer it they were white like a lot of black slip-ons out there.
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