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Still have these?
Compare?My brain is confused by whether it thinks it needs Down in its snorkel...
Rob, what's the deal with this coat? I thought you were a Epaulet x Spiewak 'Golden Fleece' N3-B enthusiast...
Did those ^ just go up $25 in price, or is my head in the wrong place?
Haha, you guys really are legitimately funny. Definitely ignore the part where I stated it was just my two cents, and to take my perspective for whatever it might be worth, which I tried to qualify. If it was a little Brohan Solo, I hope you got a good laugh out of it. Knee-jerk sarcasm is so clever.
I think your Italian BoO shirt has a mixed up set of measurements
My favorite pair of denim are some Left Field's. Amazing product @ a ridiculous price point, especially for items that are manufactured in BROOKLYN. If these fit me, they would already be gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 He's 5'6" and wants to weigh 140lbs. 1700 calories is not too low. I disagree. When I responded, I thought the '6' in his height listing was an '8', but this changes very little. If he's eating 1500 calories a day, and his RMR is a THOUSAND calories higher than that - and he's going to be as active as he's planning to be - this is probably going to contribute to him burning out MUCH faster than his exercise...
Miscellaneous   These are all new in the package (pun intended)     4 Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk in Medium http://www.amazon.com/Calvin-Klein-S...IJI,B000TGUICU Accidentally bought mediums. These are stupid comfortable. 2 Black & 2 Antique Plum. $20 per or $70 for all 4 shipped     3 Mundo Unico Micro Boxer Suspensor in Large http://www.amazon.com/Unico-Bi-Color.../dp/B000BPZ0O0 I have several pairs of these. They're nice. Just not...
Measurements on Penfield, please?
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