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Did those ^ just go up $25 in price, or is my head in the wrong place?
Haha, you guys really are legitimately funny. Definitely ignore the part where I stated it was just my two cents, and to take my perspective for whatever it might be worth, which I tried to qualify. If it was a little Brohan Solo, I hope you got a good laugh out of it. Knee-jerk sarcasm is so clever.
I think your Italian BoO shirt has a mixed up set of measurements
My favorite pair of denim are some Left Field's. Amazing product @ a ridiculous price point, especially for items that are manufactured in BROOKLYN. If these fit me, they would already be gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 He's 5'6" and wants to weigh 140lbs. 1700 calories is not too low. I disagree. When I responded, I thought the '6' in his height listing was an '8', but this changes very little. If he's eating 1500 calories a day, and his RMR is a THOUSAND calories higher than that - and he's going to be as active as he's planning to be - this is probably going to contribute to him burning out MUCH faster than his exercise...
Miscellaneous   These are all new in the package (pun intended)     4 Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk in Medium http://www.amazon.com/Calvin-Klein-S...IJI,B000TGUICU Accidentally bought mediums. These are stupid comfortable. 2 Black & 2 Antique Plum. $20 per or $70 for all 4 shipped     3 Mundo Unico Micro Boxer Suspensor in Large http://www.amazon.com/Unico-Bi-Color.../dp/B000BPZ0O0 I have several pairs of these. They're nice. Just not...
Measurements on Penfield, please?
Your caloric intake is probably too low. Everybody wants crash diet instant results, etc., but ultimately, this is about a lifestyle tweak/change, and people trying to get lean fast often make the mistake of eating too little. For a variety of reasons, this can sabotage your progress. Bump your intake of fat and protein up while keeping your carb intake under (2/3 bodyweight x grams). This is a useful general formula for good muscle maintenance plus fat loss, and it...
Quote: Originally Posted by altemp Yeah I can't see even XL fitting you. Your best bet would be random samples in bigger sizes, lol. So I've stumbled upon some random XXL's. Maybe I'll try these? So disappointing, as I love the simple, classic W+H design and construction quality. Quote: Originally Posted by coco2010 did u mean 13" arms? Haha, I meant 13" re: BiG pant (thigh) measurement. So yeah, my legs are...
This ^, plus Varvatos Converse, Sperry's/Sebago's, Gourmet, etc.
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