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The 11s? I called them about that pair the day before, and was THIS close to pulling the trigger, but after confirming the unstructured toe, decided to hold off. Thanks for saving me a few pesos...
But enough to go down a size on the CXL if I'm, say, a 10.5 in the other lasts?
That's what I figured, but someone with both of those leathers on the 2030 was declaring that the CXL fit much more loosely out of the box.I'm an 11.5E on the Brannock. (A touch over 11.25" long and 4.25" wide.) An 11E Barrie is too wide in the heel cup but right in the forefoot, the 11D is the reverse situation.
I have, but this is a time-sensitive (and expensive) decision. Just inquiring on the general consensus regarding whether the thicker leathers seem to fit larger, as has been indicated by some.
Does a 2030 CXL boot need to be sized like the other Viberg lasted boots? Or is it still a good idea to size up half?
Still have these?
Compare?My brain is confused by whether it thinks it needs Down in its snorkel...
Rob, what's the deal with this coat? I thought you were a Epaulet x Spiewak 'Golden Fleece' N3-B enthusiast...
Did those ^ just go up $25 in price, or is my head in the wrong place?
Haha, you guys really are legitimately funny. Definitely ignore the part where I stated it was just my two cents, and to take my perspective for whatever it might be worth, which I tried to qualify. If it was a little Brohan Solo, I hope you got a good laugh out of it. Knee-jerk sarcasm is so clever.
New Posts  All Forums: