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ha! i totally agree, the man is the absolute worst!
hey JChance, thanks man.
reading whatever123's posts is like being the middle part of teh centipede in that movie "human centipede".
^truth. how do these robert geller trousers fit?
bmac11c: thanks for the info.
^ so what is the fit like in those sunspel t-shirts? a comparison to or american app. would be nice.
yeah, kronwall definitely left his feet. larry murphy the detroit announcer even pointed that out. i think he'll get some sort of punishment for it, even if it was clean in all other aspects. i'm curious as to what other people here think.
^ holy shit, that movie looks terrible! i have to watch it. i remember watching a french-canadian film called "leolo" a few years back that was rather interesting. anyway, i'd put these guys up against celine dion any day of the week:
can't wait for the detroit-vancouver game on wednesday night. van came to detroit earlier in the year and lost, but they had played the night before so it doesn't really count. also, i think the league should step in and force vancouver to wear those black and yellow jerseys they wore in the 1980's. i think they look badass.
i can't get too excited about conference c, but d looks like it might be pretty interesting.
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