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I'll be in Charlotte visiting some friends and taking in some live music from other friends for several days in about a week. I know there are several clusters of decent stores. Does anyone have particular recommendations?
Quote: Oh wait... it's Pony instead of Puma.  Here's a link: Luc:  what do you mean I'm trying to hard? Sounds gully, got photos?
Quote: Quote: *hopes desperately that someone here wears Ice Creams if only for humor's sake* $200 for Icecreams?  No way man.  If they were on sale for, say, $50, maybe.  Besides, although Pharrell is awesome, my thinking is that unless you are actually a break dancer, DJ, or Pharrell, wearing Icecreams (especially with baggy jeans and a visor) put you squarely in the chav category. They're shoes with neon money signs...
*hopes desperately that someone here wears Ice Creams if only for humor's sake*
Quote: go to, look at their ankle boots.  Lots to choose from. Dan If you're looking for a cheap solution, most any thrift store will have some castoffs of varying quality that you can wear. I wear ankle boots almost all of the time, and I have some that are beat as hell and some that are in really good condition. Those that are beat get pulled out in ugly weather or when I know I'll be somewhere detrimental to the quality of a good...
Ankle boots...? Like this?
I hooked up some Puma Platinums in a DSW for ten bones. The most I spent (or had spent for me, rather) on sneakers was probably some hideous pair of Shawn Kemp sneakers when I was like 9 years old.
The people who are offended by human sensuality should be removed from humanity.
Brown provides a degree of saturation and warmth that navy, charcoal, and (obviously) black cannot. It looks great. Do you have a link for the cashmere/silk ties?
Quote: Quote: (orbitingio @ Feb. 18 2005,09:28) Plus y'all don't even got that Freaknik no more. Where's that at now? I think Freaknik was laid to rest by local authorities due to the level of public difficulty experienced.
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