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Quote: Originally Posted by Baron You have the pinkish pallor of a natural strawberry blonde. Are you Iriuk's brother? Sweet hooves. She is an ex-girlfriend. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini When I thought what BG would look like, NPH-meets-Conan wasn't on my list. Is NPH well known enough that NPH means anything to most people? That comparison holds a bit, the Conan one's new and probably specific to...
I cut all my hair off and was coerced into lightening it. Never underestimate the power of a girl wielding kitchen shears at 4 AM. Facial expression courtesy of blinding flash. Hoof detail:
Slavoj Žižek / this thread is super questionable.
A GPS, a college education, an end to the tedium.
It's all shit for jeans. Sorry.
The shape in general I find unappealing -- it has the look of a small car bloated by focus group-fixated designers, formless and unrefined. The toebox in particular seems off. This aesthetic with a sleeker profile would be fine, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara That elephant tie is so badass. I am pretty fond of the "staid tab eater" image that comes to mind when I think of whoever designs these ties for Brooks Bros. Did you ever see the one VMan had, with otters in kayaks?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I hardly think a guy with two posts on here that signed up today to show us a ridiculous photo taken off of hypebeast is "joking." Bitch please. Oh god you quoted me and found the easter egg.
LOL U GUYZ I THINK IT MIGHT BE A JOKE bababababababababababa ^)^
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Perhaps a trip to the brothel is in order to get your dick sucked for the first time in your life so you shut the fuck up already.
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