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Apparently something's gone awry with the bearings of my car, such that it will need an additional $300-400 dollars of work. I'd like to just get rid of the fucking thing, but public transportation in this city is a joke. Paypal and eBay remain the shittiest fucking companies in the entire world, including whatever Chinese companies are putting carcinogenic cardboard in baby formula this week. I am conflicted by my impending college attendance, which I still thoroughly...
Just a few quick things for sale. If you're still waiting for purchased items from previous sales, a number of items were returned to my place after I got back from North Carolina. This applies to every international shipment and a couple domestic ones. This was due to an error on my part using the automated postal center. Most things were shipped Friday, I have a couple that will be going out on Monday. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Anyway, here are the...
Endless threads about "What is art, man?" and religious faith so quickly? StyleForum has entered a period of junior high contemplation. I suggest a return to douchebag contests.
This is the best turn this could have taken.
A pair of brown side-zip ankle boots that are completely destroyed, have had the lining cut out of them, and have bits of leather that have been stripped off entirely. They have elicited "I really like your distressed boots, where did you buy them?" type comments. They were bought way too small from a thrift store and were made to fit through masochism and blood.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I thought that he would be white, but a little older looking. And older looking late twenties or early thirties. I am 22.
I kind of remember an American Apparel -- I spent more time in the area when I'd go see bands play at the Grog Shop, which predates that AA being there. Saw Dungen, Cave In, Pelican, Wolf Eyes, all kinds of stuff there. What sort of denim do you stock? The website's kinda sparse...
Where is the Coventry shop in relation to the Grog Shop and that Chipotle and all that shit? VMan and I were just in Cleveland.
If you really want to have your conceptualization of Bergdorf Goodwill blown to bits you should hear my voice.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik whodini saying someone looks like NPH is hilarious. Who let Mario Van Peebles in here?
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