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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing An Albino. Like Brother Ali. I'm not especially pale, really, though I lack the orangeness so many Ohioans find.
Piece of fucking shit eBay isn't allowing me to list items, claiming that I owe them seller's fees which were paid out of my Paypal account nearly two weeks ago. The lease on my apartment is up at month's end, at which point I have nowhere in particular to go, and an apartment full of shit I need to sell. I am barely resisting the temptation to smash everything in this fucking apartment.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Is that a Cracker Jacks shirt? No, though I suppose it may as well have been plucked from a box.
Bought any raw denim lately?
Bonus evil:
No. I do have other ties that are wool/cashmere though, if you are especially interested in non-silk materials.
Photobucket is down for maintenance, as they have joined the coalition of online resources dedicated to making my head explode. Should be up soon enough.
I will be in Toronto from Monday until Thursday or thereabouts. Let me know if you want to show me things or punch me in the face or something. Any particular places I should check out? We'll be looking all around the Queen St. area.
I look forward to selling off/giving away more of my own personal clothing that I have accumulated in the interest of a less cluttered closet and a less complicated day-to-day existence.
I've received a couple of interested offers for individual paisleys. As I said, I'd much prefer to do this as a lot, but if no one is interested in the full spread by day's end, I'll break it up. Feel free to PM me with your interest in a specific tie.
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