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As someone who thinks designer hype is almost universally bullshit, I'll cosign on Lanvin being nice stuff -- you'd wear the shit out of some of their overcoats, Connemara. It isn't all purple bowties.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo I used to vote, but whenever anyone talks electoral horse race here on the board, Bergdorf throws a fit about how nobody should be talking about such things, so I found it simplifies eveything to simply not vote or follow the newsbox anymore. democracy makes people very testy online, so I think its better to just leave it to the professional governing class. A wise decision.
Based on the laughable notion of "IQ," he's a smirking defective sociopath. I don't have numbers for that, but if you give me time I'm sure I can devise something...
Please note that voting in this poll does not mean that you vote. This thread refers to general elections. Most of our members are 18 or over, but non-voting on the basis of too few trips around the sun similarly does not count for the purposes of this poll. To begin: I do not vote. My reasoning is sort of complicated, but to simplify things a great deal, I lack confidence in the electoral system, find a great deal of fault with many of the concepts of representative...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan He got better grades than Kerry after all... r u e 4 sum footbawl
Shipping included, ship wherever (add a few bucks for int'l, whatever), use paypal/MO/check/etc. You know the drill. L-R: Gianni Versace $20 (unlikely here, likely to go to eBay, but I figured I'd toss it up), Fendi plaid $10 SOLD, awesome narrow (just under 3.25" at the very widest) navy/white Michelson's of London $16, blue Brooks Bros. $12, red Brooks Bros. $12, blue w/ squares Brooks Bros. $10, red w/ squares Brooks Bros. $10, yellow Brooks Bros. $10.
Could be worse. http://www.exile.ru/2007-July-27/che...ion_guide.html
Piss up a rope.
Quote: Originally Posted by ts4them Bergdorf- Speaking of orange, you really need to get that new hair color tended to. Either go full-on blonde, or tone it down a bit. If you're not going to go to a stylist, PM me and i'll tell you what to do. I actually agree -- the coloring was sort of spur of the moment and not at all my idea/doing. It's in its second phase at the moment. I'm not entirely certain I really care at all anymore, but I'm...
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