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Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta call them 'chewy'. by mentioning the puerto ricans you've reminded me of the name 'hector'. i hate that one. Inextricably linked to:
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Well as a beginner with shoes, maybe you can get a pair of slip ons or with velcro instead of laces until you become more advanced with shoes? Also recommend 'L' and 'R' insoles to minimize confusion.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer A linguistic abomination introduced by Americans incapable of pronouncing foreign words. Please don't saddle your kid with this; there are better ways to make him miserable. Like locking them in a room full of nothing but black/white/grey objects, like some sort of late '90s Express floor set or something, and never exposing them to color until their late teens. Every child is a new experiment.
Gavin, Ian, Colin, and all those other "OH HAI BROZ MY DADZ THE SOCCER COACH" names. Fuck you.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Violence Against Violence... It always suprises me when Baklava posts with these hard core bands that few know/remember. With BG, not so much. the wreckage of humanity has been strewn across the land and now the hour of desperation is at hand we the maggots feed off the dead seeking solace in a bed of broken glass we bleed infected water beneath bright skins of polished steel through empty,...
Tyler is pretty contemptible. Still don't feel bad about knocking you out in the machine pitch dugout you little fuck.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug When you read this entire 2 page mess in one sitting it's kinda funny but mainly disappointing. It was disappointing to see shellshock not be able to take non-praise without getting really upset, typing in all caps and assuming that we think she's worthless or needs to start spending a lot of money. I take it you are unfamiliar with the ways of the Women of the Internet -- their humor, it is different...
Poor people seem to love adorning their spawn with 'J' names, frequently with bizarre spellings. I can remember the teen mommiez of my middle and high schools fawning over the prospect of Jordynns to be. Note that my non-kayfabed name begins with a 'J.'
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Did they attend, an Earth Crisis , concert ? FIRESTORM TO PURIFY
Help me erode my concept of self by eliminating certain aspects of visual flair from my wardrobe. If you have plain polo shirts or other minimal shirtings in about a size small and would like to help me commit image suicide, do holla. I'll consider anything from H&M/American Apparel type stuff to higher end stuff. I prefer jersey-type materials to pique, but I'll take a look at whatever. I'm also very interested in a pair of extremely dark blue, black, or blue-black...
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