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I've been listening to "Good Clothes" by Little Brother way too much lately, and I think it may be the first rap song (or song of any kind) to reference J. Riggings.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkrstic My house being bugged by the NSA. No joke. Details.
The best way to reduce crime in this country would be to decriminalize a number of the activities that have no victims. Our incarceration rates are obscene.
Compulsory voting with an uninformed electorate sounds awful, though I don't imagine it would differ significantly from the bulk of the single-issue retards and ideologues whose hubris presently sways major elections.
Oh hello I drew this picture of your interaction.
People will assume you're a recovering alcoholic, a religious zealot, or that you are silently judging them. It's a bad time. I advise sitting around and listening to terrible Youth of Today records.
Suppose it had been a bad suit?
I have met a decent amount of people who think that elections are (literally) predetermined.
Quote: Originally Posted by ibleedwhite so the price includes shipping correct? Correct.
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