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My objection to a lot of jocking around here is that none of the clothing has any character -- it's just so much money spent and then draped. It's boring. I find it amusing that kronik was criticized as being a "mannequin" when the pieces he is wearing are pulled from disparate elements, came through different channels, and can serve multiple purposes. Rye GB is a good example of someone who successfully integrates elements of designer clothing into his own wardrobe...
How cute, the same industry that periodically trots out new formats for the sake of it issuing mainstream vinyl again. That warm turntable sound will really squeeze the sonic beauty out of The Used. Viva downloaded .flac and death to this entire industry.
Diadora/I think I need to place me an order.
This is hilarious. Kind of long, but well worth it:
And us in navy blue hoodies and khakis, as was the style that year.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I can't help but be reminded of those "Goth Christians" who form bad, angsty bands that focuses on ear-drum popping Christian redemption music. Bad skin combined with cheap eyeliner and Hot Topic bargain bin picks does not maketh a good Goth. Liberate te ex inferis.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster I'm gonna go ahead and -1 this entire post. I love Chris's style. It's not for me, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. I wish actual goth kids had even the tiniest sliver of his sense of proportion and texture. "Actual" goths dress sort of interestingly sometimes, really. The people you're referring to are mostly defectives from the hills, though. Their persistent poverty and general...
I've been listening to "Good Clothes" by Little Brother way too much lately, and I think it may be the first rap song (or song of any kind) to reference J. Riggings.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkrstic My house being bugged by the NSA. No joke. Details.
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