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"A White Sportcoat and a Pink Carnation" by Marty Robbins + I GOT A WALLET MADE OF MODEL COOCHIE LININ'
The amount of money I sold a rare Opeth record for once was funny.
I will be reduced to so much tubing.
Quote: Originally Posted by rubylith I once had to deliver project revisions to an Army Colonel, while he was getting a suit fitted at Burberry's. It was plain silly (and frankly a little humiliating), since it wasn't urgent or anything. But the guy was obviously thrilled, having a twenty-something girl in a mini-skirt bring stuff to him in that setting. In retrospect, I'm glad to have contributed to his little moment in the sun. Pics or it...
Way cheap to lighten the load for moving. More to come. Lots of Park Aves., etc. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZanendlesscloset
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Plus you'd have the opportunity to try to slip in embarrassing stuff to see if they caught it. The elevator in our building has one of those obnoxious screens where they put up weather forecasts, news headlines, etc. (I think the system is called "Captivate", emphasis on "Captiv") as an excuse for bombarding you with 132 seconds of additional advertising per day as you ride the elevators. Periodically they have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I don't think I have any pictures since this was back in 98/99. I was working in fish processing and they had a bunch of those big dumpsters they had converted into bunkhouses. That rules. I thought about trying to work as a janitor in Antarctica or something, but I don't know if I am adept enough at cleaning the shit of normals to clean the shit of scientists. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire One of those situations where it is not illegal for you the writer, but it will probably end badly for the person using said paper if discovered. I wish I had ready access to these people's information so I could blackmail them and siphon a bit more off of those sweet, sweet ill-gotten gains. If only you knew the hopeless dropout who'd written your papers, my darlings.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I lived in a dumpster that had been converted into a bunkhouse for a summer in Alaska. Photos? + hey wait a minute you did this for money?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton If this is illegal, I am screwed. It's questionably ethical, not illegal. Some other things she was involved with were illegal (and occasionally super illegal!), and the way that I was being paid was but one. I don't think she ever gave me her real name, though through a bit of online sleuthing I think I found her information once. She still owes me about $500, which will never be recouped. Is it...
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