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Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo There's a reason why no one wears them... Because nerds on the Internet will deride them cryptically.
This is where we say "Oh, shit." Received this in my inbox today: You have exceeded the 25 GB monthly bandwidth limit on your free Photobucket account. As such, your image and video links have been temporarily disabled. You images and videos have not been deleted but will be reactivated on the 14th of the month, when your bandwidth usage resets to zero. I guess this temporarily brings the sale to a halt, which is no good at all. I will work on a solution shortly. In...
Added a barrage of ideal summer jackets.
Added more shirts (starts at Borrelli).
Added a bunch of shirts, removed some photos that were no longer necessary. Buy more ties so I can re-shoot the ties I still have available in groups and reduce the enormity of this post, because it's only going to grow.
Eat rappers and call it pussy for dinner, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara If I hear "I'MA BUY YOU A DRAAAAAANK" one more fucking time I will tweak out and pull a Benoit. You probably just need the remix.
Knit ties, ottomans, insanity. If you've paid for your items and didn't specifically request that I hold them then they'll be shipped today, so expect them soon. I apologize if I am being at all impersonal or distant with messages (I'm trying very hard not to be, but I'm all over the place and dealing with a lot of people in a lot of places). Please remember to feel free to use the toll-free Bergdorf Hotline. I love you.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris PDC GTO 1yr? Gap Low Rise Boot Sz 6 for the Discriminating Lady. Holla.
Quote: Originally Posted by seanchai That gold Merc jacket... if I was two inches bigger in the chest and two years younger I would wear that every day. You've got some good-ass stuff. 10% discount to anyone who can provide photographic evidence of day-to-day wear of winklepickers.
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