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ms, Visible photos are in the Minisale thread at present. Upon my return from NYC (Monday), I will be doing the following: - merging the items in the Megasale/Minisale threads, for which all photos will work. - adding more items for sale. - finalizing the sale of some furniture (hooray). - shipping some of the items that have been purchased thus far from the two threads. Due to an unforeseen problem with my Paypal account (which I will have to hash out while in NYC),...
After yesterday, I am now at: Bespoke Carolina Mo Vaughn suit (bizarre inverted lapels, loud patterned fabric, absolutely enormous): Bespoke Carolina Mike Vrabel shirts: Limited Brands' CEO Les Wexner's bespoke Anderson & Sheppard suit: I know mack's found a suit belonging to Vince McMahon, which trumps all of these easily. Anyone beat that?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 why don't you upgrade to a better photobucket account? it's not that expensive It's an idea, we'll see. Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 Or open another free one? I did. More things added.
I can't speak for LK, but the thing that has always unnerved me about guys who do this sort of shit is that their tastes in most everything else are bland, subdued, and boring. It's guys in bone Old Navy cargo pants and logo T-shirts driving forest green Hyundai Accents to their homes full of mom-and-dad's discards/Value City Furniture fusion furnishings. It frankly has an air about it not unlike the quiet guy with the freezer full of Red-E-Serv human heads.
If we could only make the Epsilons aware of their uselessness so that they could understand (and, really, own) their shame and give themselves over to voluntary sterilization, we'd have no more worries. These ornery povs with their rucksacks full of marihuana cigarettes and their "hand cannons" and their Latin Inches and their polyphonic Pretty Ricky ringtones would disappear from the halls of academia so that good children might more capably digest the pedagogue's tales...
Be sure it doesn't get too slick so that the emotionally destroyed muffintops dancing atop your bar do not risk injury. Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
I think the best way to make a light purple room masculine is to start a post on a style message board asking whether or not it is a good idea to "acknowledge the purple" with ochre. Nothing says hypermasculinity like complementary colours.
Oh fuck all this shit.
PM sent.
Ties/bag added.
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