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Quote: Originally Posted by WSW Why don't you layer your sales? Group them into "outfits" and sell maybe 4 such groupings at a time. That way, you'll get a variety of items into your thread, and it won't be heavy as it currently is. I have a pretty ridiculous number of items, so I'm not sure that's possible -- individual items would require detail photos, as well, so I'm not sure it would reduce image load. To anyone who thinks it's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 Hi. You have some great stuff, but it takes too long to load. Possible to break up in a thematic way (e.g., one thread fr ties, one for jackets, one for outerwear, etc?) Marc, I have been wondering what the best solution to that is... I appreciate the forum allowing me to sell my items here, and I do not want to take up too much space in the B&S forum, so I have tried to keep everything contained in...
More ties added.
Merged the Minisale items into the Megasale thread, adjusted some prices. Still working on things.
Oh hi. All images working, a few new additions, a modified format. Apologies to anyone whose shipment has been affected by my NYC trip and Paypal weirdness, but things are back to normal. All domestic shipments have been sent unless a hold was requested, all international shipments will be going out tomorrow (I cannot send these during off-hoursat the post office like I can with domestic shipments because of the customs nonsense required, my apologies).
White/blue/pink/maybe lavender/ecru/etc. Maybe try to pick up a hint of color from the plaid in your shirt, tie, square, whatever. Easy does it.
Macy's juniors section c. 2002.
I have a bridge over a river of snake oil I'd like to sell you. Or: what ken said.
Big things for me were: - abundance of outlets -- I don't like having to deal with the mess of unplugging things to plug other things in. - energy efficiency. - walkable groceries, banking, etc. - no creepy bathrooms. I passed on a gorgeous apartment because it had an old-style clawfoot tub, etc. That shit creeps me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan Bergdorf Goodwill, Iuruk, and myself arrived back from NYC yesterday. I am currently sitting on his couch. He did not lock me up, or make any unwanted advances. You wanted every single one of them.
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