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I can't speak for LK, but the thing that has always unnerved me about guys who do this sort of shit is that their tastes in most everything else are bland, subdued, and boring. It's guys in bone Old Navy cargo pants and logo T-shirts driving forest green Hyundai Accents to their homes full of mom-and-dad's discards/Value City Furniture fusion furnishings. It frankly has an air about it not unlike the quiet guy with the freezer full of Red-E-Serv human heads.
Be sure it doesn't get too slick so that the emotionally destroyed muffintops dancing atop your bar do not risk injury. Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
I think the best way to make a light purple room masculine is to start a post on a style message board asking whether or not it is a good idea to "acknowledge the purple" with ochre. Nothing says hypermasculinity like complementary colours.
Oh fuck all this shit.
PM sent.
Ties/bag added.
I once saw a man strip to this song in a gay bar. No homo.
Gentlemen: Same deal as the Megasale, except with functioning images. I'll be using this thread for items that were not already photographed/uploaded/listed, but any items in the Megasale are still available (I can send you photographs by request if you need me to). My original photobucket account is good to go in about a week, but until then this is the spot to refresh your wardrobe and relieve my comical financial burdens. This isn't going to be broken down the way...
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe The production isn't bad, but it's rarely anything that appeals outside of the general East Coast area. Otherwise it's ashame when you have bad rappers in the East waste great beats, i.e. Jim Jones. I ain't on no metaphor shit, I'm on that bang bang Byrdgang metal 4 shit. And if my shots don't succeed, I'ma see to it that alla you fucks bleeds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Musselma My solution: replace them with my eS accels in all my pictures My solution: wear real shoes.
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