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Merged the Minisale items into the Megasale thread, adjusted some prices. Still working on things.
Oh hi. All images working, a few new additions, a modified format. Apologies to anyone whose shipment has been affected by my NYC trip and Paypal weirdness, but things are back to normal. All domestic shipments have been sent unless a hold was requested, all international shipments will be going out tomorrow (I cannot send these during off-hoursat the post office like I can with domestic shipments because of the customs nonsense required, my apologies).
White/blue/pink/maybe lavender/ecru/etc. Maybe try to pick up a hint of color from the plaid in your shirt, tie, square, whatever. Easy does it.
Macy's juniors section c. 2002.
I have a bridge over a river of snake oil I'd like to sell you. Or: what ken said.
Big things for me were: - abundance of outlets -- I don't like having to deal with the mess of unplugging things to plug other things in. - energy efficiency. - walkable groceries, banking, etc. - no creepy bathrooms. I passed on a gorgeous apartment because it had an old-style clawfoot tub, etc. That shit creeps me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan Bergdorf Goodwill, Iuruk, and myself arrived back from NYC yesterday. I am currently sitting on his couch. He did not lock me up, or make any unwanted advances. You wanted every single one of them.
ms, Visible photos are in the Minisale thread at present. Upon my return from NYC (Monday), I will be doing the following: - merging the items in the Megasale/Minisale threads, for which all photos will work. - adding more items for sale. - finalizing the sale of some furniture (hooray). - shipping some of the items that have been purchased thus far from the two threads. Due to an unforeseen problem with my Paypal account (which I will have to hash out while in NYC),...
After yesterday, I am now at: Bespoke Carolina Mo Vaughn suit (bizarre inverted lapels, loud patterned fabric, absolutely enormous): Bespoke Carolina Mike Vrabel shirts: Limited Brands' CEO Les Wexner's bespoke Anderson & Sheppard suit: I know mack's found a suit belonging to Vince McMahon, which trumps all of these easily. Anyone beat that?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 why don't you upgrade to a better photobucket account? it's not that expensive It's an idea, we'll see. Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 Or open another free one? I did. More things added.
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