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Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt I'll see your X-Japan and raise you SIGH:
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Brilliant, especially enjoyed the fair bit of new vocabulary you utilized. If you don't like it don't read it, no hostility here. I coudln't give a flying fuck about your opinion personally. How's that for dichotomy? What a trembling upper lip for someone who deigns to pass out passive-aggressive condescension like it's going out of style. Perhaps a trip to H&M is in order. lylas, BG
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Am I supposed to respond to this? 1. Get your eyes examined, it's not meant to look like boring ass grandpa brioni. 2. If you don't get it by now, then you probably won't ever "get it". 3. If your attempt was to shit up the thread, congratulations! 1. Why that's a clever dichotomy you've drawn. 2. That's pretty much what I figured -- have fun with your post-post-ironic $400 punk rock shirt. Maybe...
Further blasphemy: Carpe Diem shoes look like something Chaplin's tramp should be eating, not anything you should be wearing.
Sincere question: What about any of this is remotely good? I say this having seen a good portion of it in person. I don't know anyone who's into this personally, so I am curious to see what people see in it. I see boring shirts and terrible fits. The material quality is fine, obviously, but unspectacular. WHAT IIIIIS THE DEAL
Quote: Originally Posted by grilledcheese It's honestly just unreasonable to have that many pairs of jeans. And because they're all new, they all look the same (in the grand scheme of things, obviously there are differences in length and slight variations in silouette). That's not a good thing, in my opinion. Drizzt, I know (and respect) that you're a basics kind of guy, but it's too much of the same. And to be perfectly honest, and taking it a step...
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 HOLY SHIT! Really nice stuff if you have some more in like two.5 weeks, when I come back from vacation I'll buy some (If I have any money). I'm quite sure that I will -- the volume of stuff that I have is daunting.
Added several ties.
Added white Sisley trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by contactme_11 The constant commas in vaclava krishna"s comments. Which I truely believe he does just to irritate us. do you, think you are, better, double apostrophe catastrophe? who is this, us?
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