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Modified to indicate sale of four neckties.
It appears that portions of the Megasale have brought Photobucket to its pathetic knees once again. In celebration, I offer you some new items. Shipping includes in all prices, ship anywhere, paypal/MO/check/whatever: Beautiful Barba mainline shirt, some of the thickest MOP buttons I have ever personally encountered. Tagged sz L, fits like 16 x 34/35. $75. Measurements: 16" neck, 22" underarm to underarm, just under 26" sleeve. L-R: Gorgeous wool/cashmere...
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt BUMP OF CHICKEN ftw [IMG][/IMG \\m/ ^_^ \\m/
Kilgore Trout is about 20-30 mins. outside of Cleveland and is a pretty nice place. And yeah, Cleveland is fairly terrible. BG Ohioan
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo aw, I love Ken. The video for "Driver's High" is a pretty accurate depiction of how to live an American life.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Awww shit, gonna have to break out the big guns now. Behold, [IMG][/IMG SONS OF ALL PUSSYS Oh are you gonna make me OH FUCK IT'S BATHTUB SHITTER:
Right now I am mad at girls who are potential jailbait who eye me while accompanied by their mothers. This happened multiple times today. Little darlings, I cannot tell if you're 16 and being carted about my mom or 18 and having a bonding experience or something. It's too bad you've got to split them open before you can count the rings, you feel me?
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt I'll see your X-Japan and raise you SIGH:
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Brilliant, especially enjoyed the fair bit of new vocabulary you utilized. If you don't like it don't read it, no hostility here. I coudln't give a flying fuck about your opinion personally. How's that for dichotomy? What a trembling upper lip for someone who deigns to pass out passive-aggressive condescension like it's going out of style. Perhaps a trip to H&M is in order. lylas, BG
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Am I supposed to respond to this? 1. Get your eyes examined, it's not meant to look like boring ass grandpa brioni. 2. If you don't get it by now, then you probably won't ever "get it". 3. If your attempt was to shit up the thread, congratulations! 1. Why that's a clever dichotomy you've drawn. 2. That's pretty much what I figured -- have fun with your post-post-ironic $400 punk rock shirt. Maybe...
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