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Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo Isn't the expression usually about shoes dropping? If actual bodyparts are falling, things must have gotten real bad for reals. It is a law that when you are homeless you have to drink out of a turpentine trough before you are allowed to sleep for the evening; now all the words come out wrong.
Hey everyone -- it looks like communication issues on my end have totally killed my eBay account. I think everything I received payment for has been shipped. I just moved into my new place, so I can much more capably resolve matters at this point. It was pretty stupid on my behalf to think I could successfully oversee things without consistent Internet access. It looks as though the small business I had built up is likely finished for the time being. I do intend to...
Hello everyone. I am still, uh, "displaced" until the 6th or 7th, depending on a property manager's ability to do some renovations to an apartment in a timely manner. A number of the things that I have accumulated are up on eBay at very low prices, which I'm basically controlling remotely (everything is at my parents' house, which is about 1.5 hours away from me). Anyway, things should be "stabilized" on my end shortly and I'll be able to get remaining SF sale items...
See signature.
If you stop thinking of things in terms of "a job" and give your income/interests a bit of plurality, you might find yourself more satisfied. I have a lot of trouble if I only have one thing to focus on, so if you could find a way to record music (put Steve Albini in his place) for x amount of hours a week, do some engineering work x amount of hours a week, etc. perhaps things would work out better for you?
I started a thread about Toronto that included some good information about a month ago, if you're at all interesting in eating/shopping advice.
I noticed an odd shudder in my car a few days ago, so I took it to the mechanic. $600 later, it was back on the road and... The shudder is worse? I'm going to take it back in today once the shop opens. This significantly cuts into the already skimpy padding I had attempted to obtain in order to facilitate moving out of my current apartment, which needs to be done by 9/1. It's all really very humiliating, and sharing the fun online is probably ill-advised, but here we...
Sub bass frequencies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Why do all these films celebrate a murderer? You celebrate murderers daily. Faintly on-topic, the portrayal of Castro in If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? is the greatest.
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