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I don't really remember any more specific details... sorry!
I don't own one of those Nanamica packs, but I've seen 'em up close and handled 'em. Quality is top notch, no surprise, and they seems like they'd be sturdy... most of them are made of 1000d Cordura, which is super tough stuff.
Shameless self promotion: www.CardoonUSA.com/shop/
Quick reminder that we'll be hanging at Handsome Oxford in the Tenderloin this Sunday from 1-5pm. I know there's a Bay Area forum contingent, and if you guys haven't checked out HO yet it's great: the owner Mark is an obsessed collector of vintage Americana of all stripes, and his shop is well-curated gem. The Jack/Knife dudes did a trunk show type thing there earlier this year and it was great. Anyways, it'd be cool to meet y'all in person. Cheers.
Hey dudes- So, after dragging our feet for a while, I've started a small company with a buddy of mine here in San Francisco called Cardoon. We're not sure exactly where we want to go with it, but for our first product we made a backpack. It seemed like a good place to start, as I couldn't ever quite seem to find the right combo of looks, quality, and versatility in the current crop of available packs. A lot of the stuff out there is really only made for dudes going to the...
I know that MAC carried it, but haven't been in in a few weeks, so not sure if they have any left.
Did you try MAC in SF?
GLad to hear it.
They look legit to me. The thing with Yuketen is that they only make what shops order, so that shop could have been the only place that ordered that particular shoe. As for sizing, I've got 4 pairs of Yuketens, 3 US-made moc toe style and 1 italy-made sneaker and they seem to run TTS or .5 size big. I'm a 9, all the shoes are sized 9, but I probably could've sized down to 8.5 across the board.
Hey, sorry man. SOld this and forgot to edit the ad.
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