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Not from EG, but Gitman used that fabric in a shirt this season: http://unionmadegoods.com/product/gitman-vintage-pom-pom-floral-print-shirt-in-blue/ I wanna see someone in the jacket, shorts, and shirt.
What are these? What did I miss?
Yeah, MAC has their entire spring buy in store, but a few pieces have sold out already (19thC shirt in Navy Floral for sure, maybe a few other things). Their buy is pretty wild this year... Tunics, aprons, some of the more out-there prints, etc. Their FWK pickup is really great too. Also, Bastille and Bloomingdale's have at least their first deliveries, not sure if/when they're getting more.
Measurements on Cambridge shorts? They've been numerically sized in the past (32,34,36, etc) but appear to be on the S,M,L tip this season.
Ahh, thanks for clearing that up Canstyleace. And, yeah, FW knits look great! FW everything looks pretty great, actually.
I could be wrong, but the houndstooth looks like it might actually be the Grey Strip Basket Weave, as seen on this Dayton shirt: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/1764/grey-stripe-basket-weave-dayton-shirt Bastille in SF just got their 1st EG delivery, including that same Dayton, and the fabric is quite nice... stout, but soft and pretty lightweight.
I found the Matt pant to run slim, but still TTS. I'm a 34/M in all of EG's pants (except the workaday cords, in which I'm a 36), and the Matt pant in 34 fit great.
Have you seen the shorts for sale anywhere? That fabric is one of my favorites this season.
That looks to be the PC Iridescent Gabardine, available at Oi Polloi: http://www.oipolloi.com/engineered-garments-short-poncho-olive-iridescent-pc-garbadine
Thanks for the heads up! Been after one of those for a while.
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