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In my experience (8+ years of buying EG bottoms) M almost always corresponds to 34, L to 36, XL to 38, with everything pretty much fitting TTS. The major known exception are the Workaday Corduroys, which run a size small in the waist.
Yeah, people's love for La Sirenita has always been a bit mystifying to me. Try La Bonita next time yr up there... It's been a few years since I've eaten there, but I remember them having good chilaquiles. Another old favorite was El Burrito Loco off Denver on Portland Blvd (Rosa Parks Way now, right?). Have no idea if they're even still open (been probably 15 years since I've eaten there), but they used to have killer pastrami tacos and quesadillas.
I always thought La Bonita didn't get enough love. Been eating there since it was called Mi Ranchita and was owned by the parents of the people who run it now. Not gonna blow any minds, but classic, tasty and inexpensive.
This. Stopped at Dame last time I was in Portland, and they had been open maybe 2 days. The owner was the somm/wine director at Ava Gene's, which always had a great list, and with Dame she's focusing on "natural" wines, i.e., unsulphered/unfined/etc. The staff are total pros (she's got one of my old co-workers from Naomi Pomeroy's pre-Beast days on the floor... what I'm saying is the place is staffed up with longtime, high-end, worked-everywhere-in-Portland servers who...
@shoreman1782 The bar I work at, Smuggler's Cove in SF, is a small but (almost overwhelmingly) comprehensive paean to rum in particular, with a heavy nod to Tiki bars past. The book is insane... It comes out June 7th, but my boss gave us all copies last week. I think there are about 100 recipes included, covering everything from early (think mid-1600's) rum punches, to regional and traditional drinks of the Caribbean, classic-era Tiki and Exoctic cocktails, and new stuff...
Snuck a little EG into my bar's new book: Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and Cult of Tiki
Looking high and low for a distributor that sells classic "60/40" cloth. The type of water-resistant NyCo fabric found originally on California outerwear brands like Sierra Designs, The North Face, et al, and is still used by companies like Crescent Down Works. If any can help me out with a source for this stuff, I'd be grateful. Cheers.
Thanks. Not sure why that picture posted so small...
Pith Helmet Moscot Fisherman's Smock from Cornwall, UK Monitaly deadstock Parachute Poncho EG SS15 Fatigues Rossi Boots
Pizza Jerk is SO good. The clam & bacon pie, the Dan Dan pie... mmmmmmm.
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