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Thank you both!
Along similar lines, I'll be in Paris and Antwerp next week... Looking for EG stockists there as well.
I've also got the Navy and Olive t's, and both are 100% cotton, with very minimal shrinkage after being washed at the laundromat on hot wash/hot dry
They have several varieties of Adrian hats, the straw sun hat in in navy and natural, the type 6 jean in navy twill, the striped bush shirt, a few reversible vests, camp shirts in navy and white floral, maybe a work shirt or two... FWK is a little more diverse: a jacket or two, overalls, some pants, dresses, and tops. They got their first delivery pretty late (like, 3 weeks ago) but when I was in last week, Scott told me they were expecting their 2nd drop "Any day now."
Where/how do I vote for a boot?
Just received the overalls in olive from Context. They are definitely generously sized. I take a L/XL in EG shirting and suiting, and M/L in outerwear, a 34/M in bottoms. These are a size M and are quite loose, with the inseam on the short side (I'd guess about 30 inches without measuring). Anyways, they're great- I anticipate spending most of the summer lounging in these.
Just checked in with Nepenthes and that awesome elephant print is Japan-store exclusive. Bummer. As to the overalls, I've seen 'em in Olive, Navy and White lightweight twill.
Bad news for the bay area: the SA at Bastille just told me they are not getting EG this season.
Thinman- how did you find driving in Belgium? We're thinking of renting a car in Paris for this little jaunt. Thanks for Bruges info!
I'll be in Belgium for the first time this spring. We're going to Paris for 2 weeks in May, and as both the GF and I have been there a few times, we thought it might be nice to go somewhere new. We're thinking roughly 3 days, sticking mostly to Antwerp with a day trip to Bruges and another for lunch at In De Wulf (which is out in the middle of nowhere in the countryside). Most of what I can find online seems to just repeat the same stuff over and over: beer, fries,...
New Posts  All Forums: