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I do not get the hype for Small Wares AT ALL. I had one of the weirdest, least appealing meals I've had in a long time there. I know everyone has off nights, but man, it was really off.
Picked up a pair of the "Grey," which are the ones with the light brown suede heel tab. Pictures are pretty accurate color representations. Ordered Saturday afternoon, received here in SF this morning. Went true to size (US9), despite advice on the website to size down half. They feel pretty TTS, with maybe a touch of heel slip. I think sizing down would've made them slightly too small in my case. Anyways, nice sneaker, haven't had a pair of Stan SMmth's since the...
Offering up a pair of Navy French Twill Fatigues, BNWT, size 34.... $175 shipped to CONUS.
It's all just stuff that exists on the open market. Sometimes Gitman or someone else will even have used the same fabric in the same season; this happened most notably a couple of seasons ago when both EG and Gitman used the Pineapple Chambray in their shirting. The reason you can't seem find these nicer fabrics, is that a lot of the time they aren't for sale to the public... Here in the Bay Area for example, there's a broker that deals in Japanese chambrays, and it's...
Thank you both!
Along similar lines, I'll be in Paris and Antwerp next week... Looking for EG stockists there as well.
I've also got the Navy and Olive t's, and both are 100% cotton, with very minimal shrinkage after being washed at the laundromat on hot wash/hot dry
They have several varieties of Adrian hats, the straw sun hat in in navy and natural, the type 6 jean in navy twill, the striped bush shirt, a few reversible vests, camp shirts in navy and white floral, maybe a work shirt or two... FWK is a little more diverse: a jacket or two, overalls, some pants, dresses, and tops. They got their first delivery pretty late (like, 3 weeks ago) but when I was in last week, Scott told me they were expecting their 2nd drop "Any day now."
Where/how do I vote for a boot?
Just received the overalls in olive from Context. They are definitely generously sized. I take a L/XL in EG shirting and suiting, and M/L in outerwear, a 34/M in bottoms. These are a size M and are quite loose, with the inseam on the short side (I'd guess about 30 inches without measuring). Anyways, they're great- I anticipate spending most of the summer lounging in these.
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