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^ It's a stand-alone jacket, i.e., it doesn't button into anything
It's an extremely thick fleece, fuzzy on the inside, not fuzzy on the outside.
MAC got their 3rd delivery today, including the Norfolk Jacket in Brown Homespun (I think), Leopard Velour reversible vests (flannel hunting scene on reverse), black velour/faux fur bucket hats, backpacks and fanny packs in a sort of plastic/vinyl Nordic fairisle and green/brown plaid, the brown/navy plaid pants (making a two-piece suit an option with the B2B Jacket... they also have the button shawl in this fabric), Hooded Interliners in brown/orange knit and a...
It's on their Instagram, along with Deer Stalkers... http://instagram.com/nepenthesny
Yeah, who's stocking that besides (I assume) Nepenthes?
P2P on the Fairisle Vest for Large and XLarge?
Barely worn AW/13 Liner C/D in black + white floral with black + white polka dots on the reverse. P2P: 22 Shoulder: 18 Tagged size medium. Fits a touch more slim than is typical for EG outerwear (i.e. less of the triangle fit). Retailed for $350. Offered here for $175/OBO Free shipping to CONUS, int'l buyers PM me for a quote.
The Railroader/Coverall is the grey Herringbone, very soft, almost molskin like. Chambray Bush shirt was like, $297... didn't check the plaid.
MAC in San Francisco has their first delivery in, including this shirt, if anyone cares. They also had the button shawls in a variety of fabrics, including the orange/brown knit, and a Bush Shirt sorta thing that I hadn't noticed in the look books. Coverall in Herringbone, B2B Jacket in Plaid, a couple of the beanies in plaid... this was just the first out six boxes that were supposed to be delivered yesterday.
That's too bad, but also sorta makes sense given their tendencies to lean towards a more Euro aesthetic, but, like, how much of EG's collection is even available in black? Over Parka... maybe a few other things.
New Posts  All Forums: