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Hey! Sounds just like SF!Anyways, Otis, what else should we be eating/drinking in PDX while we're home for a very short holiday week? We've got resos at Coquine and Ava Gene's, gonna try to squeeze in a to go pizza from Pizza Jerk on way into town from PDX. Also trying to jam Ox in there at some point.Any new bars worth seeking out? Bit House Saloon?Thanks!
Huh, interesting. Haven't seen it at any Nordstroms' in SF either. I've been expecting EG to pop up SOMEWHERE in SF, since Bastille closed and so we now have one less account. I think we're just down to MAC and Bloomingdale's, with occasional appearances (typically online-only) at Welcome Stranger.
This is exactly what happened... everything else in the order is right on, but they screwed up one thing (the thing I wanted most, unfortunately). I emailed them but haven't heard back yet.
RE: Unionmade Archive Sale... I ordered a few things, and ordered 'em early, but didn't even get a shipping notification 'til yesterday, AFTER I got an email from UPS saying I had a package arriving that day, Not a big deal, but sort of funny. So, I get my package, and it turns out they've shipped me the wrong thing. This happen to anyone else? How was it resolved?
Received the the S/S Smock in Brown Wool Flannel (same fabric as the Baker) from Nepenthes a few days ago. Really great. It's basically the same cut/style as a calssic Breton-style fisherman's smock, with short sleeves and in wool instead of the more typical canvas. Fit is oversized, wide boat neck. The Brown Wool Flannel is really beautiful in person.
Hey!Yeah, Luce is on the list. Portland's a tough town for me food-wise... I want to visit all my old pal's and their places, but there is SO MUCH new stuff opening all the time, and I want to eat at those places too. Oh well, good problem to have I suppose. And make sure to get to Kachka... starting at 4 they apparently have some happy hour thing, but we just went all-in and got the "Ruski Zakuski Experience." 12ish dishes, all cold, all great. Pickles, fishy things,...
Was just in town for a quick family visit... Ate at Kachka again, and it remains great. Went early, and the place was empty with no wait. Gabe is back in the kitchen at Little Bird, and our dinner there was great too. Hung out with Marco from Bastas and I'm excited to eat at his new place, Cibo, when I'm back for the holidays. Also hit Navarre for the first time in maybe 10 years; again, remains really good. The new bar next door, Angel Face, is hit or miss, but it's a...
MAC in SF got their first delivery on Tuesday. Not a super exciting buy, IMO. Maybe 5 varieties of Button Shawl, BDU Shirt Jacket in Black Denim, painter pants in black, some blazers, cable knit shawl collar sweater, a few shirts. They did get a crazy overall-esque thing, but instead of the top being your typical overall strap set up, it buttons up the front, and is sleeveless. Almost a "pants with attached vest" look.
I spoke with John from Jack Straw a few months ago, and he said that Nepenthes contacted him to let him know they were seeking more accounts for EG, and that Nordstrom would be carrying EG. So as to keep him happy, and not over-saturate the market, they basically allowed John to choose which Nordstrom store would be allowed to carry EG; as such, it's only available at the Bellevue location in Washington. Not sure which other stores carry it nationally.
I do not get the hype for Small Wares AT ALL. I had one of the weirdest, least appealing meals I've had in a long time there. I know everyone has off nights, but man, it was really off.
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