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Once you've read ONE book, it gets easier.Now: "The cat sat on the mat...'
Elwood: I remember the Lee denim jacket - never had one - but never a two-pocket Wrangler. Though I don't doubt the veracity of what you say. The thing with Wrangler jeans - and jackets - was that the way they faded was never really as good(IMHO) as the Lee variants, which, in turn, were not as good as Levi's. It's all subjective, of course - horses for courses, etc. A peek at the Lee denim: http://denimhunters.com/2012/05/leeriderjacket/
Yep.It was Manchester Central Grammar School for Girls... I attended the boys' school up until 1970. (It was a couple of miles away at Belle Vue.)Turn-ups too big for 1969 and, hair too long - even for 'The Wheel'. But I'm often wrong.The cord jacket might even be a Levi, IIRC the collar was a wee bit bigger on those.I had a few cord jackets in 68-69, always Wrangler and with the Blue Bell label.My denim jackets - two, i think and one was second-hand - were always Levi's...
Great pics, fellas. Loved the description of ...'we were going for a fight' - priceless. What is even more interesting and entertaining of course, was that it happened - up here, too - in the day when no one had mobiles, yet, punch-ups would be organised and a failure to attend would lead to a severe loss of face - if not literally then definitely metaphorically. Brilliant stuff.
Skinny braces - oh, yes.T-shirt... maybe it was winter?Great photie!
For those who (still) believe in buying British here's a fairly comprehensive list. Not sure if the entire lot can be relied upon, what with the number of far-east exports the rest of the world has taken to its bosom, but you have to start somewhere. http://www.greyfoxblog.com/p/british.html
Anyone tried these - and can we escape the taxes? http://www.mercerandsons.com/Peek_Into_Our_Closet.htm
Correct!Why would any of us - even the skinny buggers - want to emulate (totally) the styles and clobber of 45-50 years' ago... most wouldn't.It's about (for me, anyway) retaining an element of the classic style(s) and look of bygone times without looking like I've been bin-diving in some old skips.'Sharp' and well-turned-out does it for me and, I still get 'spotted' by those that know about the look.That said, whatever floats your boat and us older fellas have no monopoly...
Whit aboot: 'Crivens' and 'Help-ma-boab'?
Seen at the Wimbledon Royal Box, yesterday... no, not Major General Nastase which of you lot were wearing these tassle loafers on the right? Own up!!!
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