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Dunno mate, it's just a pal of mine sent me the details.
Perhaps not, mon ami... but at least M & S cater for the 'fuller figure'. (Okay, fat bastar*s!)
Just a quick note, kids, but M & S are doing a limited Japanese Selvedge jean for £60! See here: http://www.marksandspencer.com/l/men/jeans/straight-fit-n-1z13rfd?facetOpen=true&cachedFilters=SIZE_40--4294964113--6+FID_4294953625+24+0+65+0+65&priceMin=0&priceMax=65¤tPriceMin=0¤tPriceMax=65&lastSelectedSize=SIZE_40--4294964113--6&resultsPerPage=24&display=model&sortBy=product_best_selling|1&pageChoice=1&selectedAccordions=checkbox-10|checkbox-38|checkbox-5 Ed
I had a haircut - briefly - similar to this in a transition stage.
DJ... Northern skins - I haven't seen it before - nice one. (I never looked that scruffy, tho'.) FTR: I often wear braces - belts slip if you are a bit rotund - and mine are all just one clip at the back. That said, when I'm driving, I tend to slip them off so as not to look as if I'm some old yuppie - sad old bassa, I suppose.
I remember wearing Slazenger polos - bought from Hurleys in manchester Piccadilly. Anyhoo... here are some reprinted articles from International Times from 1969-'73. (Their 'Yell' section.) http://www.skinheadheaven.org.uk/index.php/cuttings I've tried to find the originals - without success - but these are (IMHO) worth a look at. (CHECK OUT THE PDF FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLES, BTW.) Big thanks to the website owner/ poster.
Okay, here - have a Fixit badge!
Are you the young guy - no, I'm not Savile's son - I met in the boozer in Manchester on Sunday night?
Wot RB said - in fact very much in agreement with all posters on this topic
Aye, know it well - Deansgate.No point trying to recapture youth unless... fancy dress or by being deliberately ironic. (IMHO.)
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