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What boozer was that, NH?FTR: I have no intention of joining in but I'd like a look at the chaps (in a totally hetero way, BTW!!!).
Nooooooo... I am useless at organising anything. I'll leave it to you chaps to do what you'll do in November and I'll try and get a day-trip for a meet-up. You all look like you have a great time and are a well-turned out bunch, BTW.
I'll be in London for the England v Scotland game on the 11th of November... any chance of timing it for the Thursday which I believe is the 10th? Jist asking', like? ;-)
Great pix, looks like a great 'do' - sorry I missed it.
And I put some Clark's dessies in the washer - wiv - some old trainers - and they've turned out quite well... no soap powder, BTW!
Buggered if I know how to give you rep. mate - more sense less wine!
Sorry -= this was not meant for this site. Alcohol.
Not a problem mate.I know most of us have seen it before but - and I might get a bollocking for posting it again - some haven't.
There was an excerpt of this: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/147799/Hells_Angels_And_Skinheads/ on TV tonight - just thought I'd re-post it for those who haven't seen it.
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