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Spot on. big yin!!!
Always good from you, Bob - man with his finger on the pulse, kid!E x
Almost like an evolutionary thing with 'steelies', monkey boots and DMs.Looks like more Wranglers than Levi's too.
Yeh, it was a look I never took to.I do remember having braces on under a very thin knit crew neck and 'gold' Levi sta-prest in the summer of '69 though.Thought I looked the dog's nuts, too.
He's a big lad!
Maybe they were off to do some DIY?
Some diverse footwear here:
IIRC, we all registered and were told we would be contacted if we were to be invited back... I don't know if any of us from up this way ever did get a 'call back' - I certainly don't know anyone that did.Looking back, it may well have been a bit of a PR stunt to get the film some cheap publicity.John Thaw was, of course, a Manchester boy - as was Harry H. Corbett of 'Steptoe' fame - so maybe in his early days he could initially have been involved - who knows?Great actor(s)...
This fella: http://biggerbossparlour.tumblr.com/archive has a good selection of pics, some I've not seen.
Had this?
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