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Aye, but are you a green anarcho-syndicalist or a blue yin?The Mod to Suedehead forum should be told! Love,Your favourite Hun.FTR: I was also embarrassed by the George Square episode, it made the Scots look like third-world bawbags!!!
Have you been on the Buckie? Where has MoM expressed ANY political allegiances?Get a grip, man!
Split-knee loons, cheese cloth shirts and even bloody wooden clogs - what were we like...? Still in front of the rest, of the crowd I wid imagine. I was dead handsome, mind.
For me, it was a seemless transition.I never woke up one morning thinking: today, I'm going to be a suedehead. Like most - I would imagine - it just happened, a bit like suddenly finding you'd grown pubes. It was an evolution that came about because of the people we saw (I was never a trend-setter) wearing gear we fancied. And, what was available to buy.In contrast, I did wake up one day and think: today, I'm off to the barbers to have my hair cropped and opt for the...
Met Prof Keith tonight - with his sister - and told him the prog was met with an element of aprobition by you guys... which I reckon he appreciated. FTR: I like - sort of - how Phil Daniels mention how he was the 'good-lookin' young star of Quardraphinea... aye, right, kid. Not a bad film; not quite of 'the day' but none the less, a great projection of how I remember things back in the day. MoM is way-more astute and tuned-in than me, so I acknowledge his take on...
Was she an ostrich?
http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2014/mods-and-rockers-rebooted On tonight - Friday, 22nd. My drinking buddy, Professor Keith Gildart had a hand in this. Reckons it's worth a watch. Catch it on BBC iPlayer if you can't make it. His bio: http://www.wlv.ac.uk/default.aspx?page=15809
Once you've read ONE book, it gets easier.Now: "The cat sat on the mat...'
Elwood: I remember the Lee denim jacket - never had one - but never a two-pocket Wrangler. Though I don't doubt the veracity of what you say. The thing with Wrangler jeans - and jackets - was that the way they faded was never really as good(IMHO) as the Lee variants, which, in turn, were not as good as Levi's. It's all subjective, of course - horses for courses, etc. A peek at the Lee denim: http://denimhunters.com/2012/05/leeriderjacket/
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