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I doubt many of us are annoyed, more disappointed that someone thinks we can be taken for a ride.Good luck with the books, anyway.
Look back at your posts, you are very much a 'one trick pony', and I'm afraid (not really) you've been sussed. If you had originally come out with the fact that you - or someone you know - had written the books, you could have added something to the forum, taken the lumps when someone disagreed with the contents, or the applause when posters felt the author had got it right.Instead, you come across as nothing more than someone looking to make a quid or two (nothing wrong...
I reckon you are 'at it', mate.You've been sussed - by someone who knows what is what - time to come clean, I reckon. But Merry Christmas, anyway.
Not sure but I know you from the TAMB - Yes?I can't log in - let me know if I'm right.
I hope the don't fall apart after the first shower of rain, mind.
I'll have a look but I couldn't see any obvious 'Made in...' tag. FTR: the Loakes were wet last week and have not been cleaned since they've dried - I am not a scruffy, lazy bassa!!!
Clarks v Loake
Happens all the time. Okay, let's wake 'em up a bit: http://www.theguardian.com/news/2014/dec/14/observer-archive-skinheadsObserver archive, 13/12/1970 - MILLWAAALLLLLLLL!!!And one for our older readers: http://www.theguardian.com/news/2012/may/20/archive-1964-mods-rockers-discontent
No pal - IIRC the missus got them from Stuarts.Just checked and they're currently £155 - so that could be right as opposed to the £160 I quoted.
Bizarrely... I did. I'll be polishing them up with a red cream to try and get them more of red/brown/burgundy - as opposed to mainly black with a brown top to them - and I reckon it might work. The quality, while not being A Edmonds, Cheaneys, shell cordovan etc, is surprisngly good and as a G fitting I'm happy with the spend - which has hardly broken the bank.Again, I'm quite chuffed with them.
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