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Bleedin; hippy!!!I can't help but singing' along to the BBC keech that is currently bouncing on BBC 4 - kill me, enough!!!!Dae me noo!Found Acid in 1970 - and onwards.... Lucy in the Sky wiv Diamonds!!!
Bugger me - not literally - I go away for a few weeks to watch Scottish fitba' in Portugal, and I return and there's a minor skirmish.Read it all, nobody really owns the forum, but let's not get bogged down by what divides us and concentrate on what makes us an entity.The soccer violence for me was part of being a skinhead - but not the be-all and end-all. I Loved the clobber.And, being a Scot, in England, I could have a ruck every day... and sometimes I did - but the...
BE QUICK!!! The Crombie store in King Street, Manchester is closing down - outrageous - and they are selling off all the stock. My missus bought me two shirts, reduced from £150 to £30 each and she's going tomorrow - I'm busy - to get me a new coat. Classic Crombie coats reduced to £250 from £795... give 'em a ring if interested as I reckon you could get a deal on most things.
Ah, but it it made no difference if we were just 14. Now it would mean porridge!!!!
Have we had these?
Rally, today.. though I am seriosly twatted: https://gx8srs.wordpress.com It's a radio amateur (Ham) thing, kids... it's what old buggers do when they move beyond the Interweb!
I suppose some may say they are 'antique', so closer to your dark brown/light ebony. For those that remember the Clark's two-tone brown/black longwings I picked up some months ago... I've still not worn (or polished) them but I'll have a go in the autumn and see what I can do to get them one significant colour. Edit - Link: http://www.styleforum.net/t/89027/mod-to-suedehead/19245#post_7573746 I need help, I keep buying shoes I've not worn and I'm getting like Imelda...
Picked these up from M & S Trafford Centre, Manchester, for £100. (RRP - £325.) Made and cetified as Cheaney - card inlay and guaranteed all handmade and assembled in England - there may be more out there if anyone is interested. BTW, M-o-M: yes, we did, so 73s. Ed - 2E0CFM
No - but I have a pic of my younger bro - who also used to wear my shirts, iron them and put them back in the wardrobe... stinkin' - wearing it.It's on a hard-drive, somewhere - in colour!!! - I'll have a rummage.
Grrrrr - I'll have you know we are the best-paid pub team in the world.Anyway: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?s=00236a649f5eee39bdf77e4aa42377c5&showtopic=252497With pics on page 3 - GIRFUY!!!
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