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I'll be in London for the England v Scotland game on the 11th of November... any chance of timing it for the Thursday which I believe is the 10th? Jist asking', like? ;-)
Great pix, looks like a great 'do' - sorry I missed it.
And I put some Clark's dessies in the washer - wiv - some old trainers - and they've turned out quite well... no soap powder, BTW!
Buggered if I know how to give you rep. mate - more sense less wine!
Sorry -= this was not meant for this site. Alcohol.
Not a problem mate.I know most of us have seen it before but - and I might get a bollocking for posting it again - some haven't.
There was an excerpt of this: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/147799/Hells_Angels_And_Skinheads/ on TV tonight - just thought I'd re-post it for those who haven't seen it.
I wid expect nothing less!Here: https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/the_rebel/I can empathise with the grumpiness of the character, I just think it's too light on laughs and too heavy on slapstick.Maybe it's just me... okay, it is just me!!! (Grumble, moan, hrmph!)
Dunno if you good folks have seen the trailer etc for a new SKY UK Gold programme called The Rebel, with its Mod-based lead, Simon Callow wearing a Brighton Mods parka, astride a Lambretta? If not, please ignore the rest of this post. For those that have, and who may be intrigued as to the content of the series... if episode one is anything to go by it's total crap. IMHO. Available now 'on demand', it features Callow, Bill Paterson - as an ageing hippy - Angie from...
New Posts  All Forums: