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Great pics, fellas. Loved the description of ...'we were going for a fight' - priceless. What is even more interesting and entertaining of course, was that it happened - up here, too - in the day when no one had mobiles, yet, punch-ups would be organised and a failure to attend would lead to a severe loss of face - if not literally then definitely metaphorically. Brilliant stuff.
Skinny braces - oh, yes.T-shirt... maybe it was winter?Great photie!
For those who (still) believe in buying British here's a fairly comprehensive list. Not sure if the entire lot can be relied upon, what with the number of far-east exports the rest of the world has taken to its bosom, but you have to start somewhere. http://www.greyfoxblog.com/p/british.html
Anyone tried these - and can we escape the taxes? http://www.mercerandsons.com/Peek_Into_Our_Closet.htm
Correct!Why would any of us - even the skinny buggers - want to emulate (totally) the styles and clobber of 45-50 years' ago... most wouldn't.It's about (for me, anyway) retaining an element of the classic style(s) and look of bygone times without looking like I've been bin-diving in some old skips.'Sharp' and well-turned-out does it for me and, I still get 'spotted' by those that know about the look.That said, whatever floats your boat and us older fellas have no monopoly...
Whit aboot: 'Crivens' and 'Help-ma-boab'?
Seen at the Wimbledon Royal Box, yesterday... no, not Major General Nastase which of you lot were wearing these tassle loafers on the right? Own up!!!
... and will she still need you;will she still feed you,now you're... past it?
And it's a happy birthday from me, too.
Elms, is a self-serving upstart, who is intent on feathering his nest using the historical memories of those who are either unwilling, or unable to use the medium of radio, tv and written press. He then uses other ill-informed, media sources to present himself as someone who was there... we all know he knows fuckall, he's best ignored and starved of the oxygen of publicity he craves, and depends on so much. Sussed, mate!
New Posts  All Forums: