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And me. She's 70-odd now.If truth be told, at 14-18 I'd have done Bella Emberg. Of that age group, I met Helen Shapiro at a party in Manchester in Eighties - she was very nice and pleasant.No side to her at all, she was working on an ill-fated Granada programme called Albion Market and one of the 'stars' lived in my block.
I saw a pic of her in the scud on the interweb... spaniel's ears, sprung to mind. (I can say that as i am still a fine figure of a man - or maybe two men.)
Grimsby memories - not mine, BTW! http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/Ready-Stateside-old-club-reunion/story-21663621-detail/story.html Then this, entitled fashion disasters: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/photos-coventrys-1960s-fashion-disasters-6915478 Ray Gosling, The Guradian, 1969: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2013/11/20/1384948011227/lumber6dec69-001.jpg?guni=Article:in%20body%20link
Well, it was a 'set-up' incident to show how Plod deals with the young ne'er-do-wells of the day - i.e. 'us'. Ten years or so earlier it would have been Teds, and ten years later, probably punks.The gear - so far as what could be seen - was fairly accurate for the time tho'...As I said, Ch4 being what it is, the prog will get aired a couple more times before being consigned to Ch4oD.At least it's on in the first three minutes - blink and you might miss it - but the piece...
Tonight, Ch4 - Confessions of a Copper. Sure it will be shown - again - later this week so, in the first five minutes, there is a brief excerpt from a 1969 police docu featuring half a dozen skinheads, causing a minor disturbance. Just saying...
GREEN ON! 5:53 1
Aye, but are you a green anarcho-syndicalist or a blue yin?The Mod to Suedehead forum should be told! Love,Your favourite Hun.FTR: I was also embarrassed by the George Square episode, it made the Scots look like third-world bawbags!!!
Have you been on the Buckie? Where has MoM expressed ANY political allegiances?Get a grip, man!
Split-knee loons, cheese cloth shirts and even bloody wooden clogs - what were we like...? Still in front of the rest, of the crowd I wid imagine. I was dead handsome, mind.
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