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Thanks, mate - some good old pics on there.
Hi Bob, how about this for a camp-site setting: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2956888/Holidaymaker-stabbed-three-times-row-local-manhandled-beloved-pet.htmlCheck out one of the family-shot pic.(Apologies for linking to the Daily Mail but the lad's family have an interesting take on fashion - and why not?)
Unfortunately... I did once have it that short in April/May1969.I posted about this a couple of years ago stating it was because the barber buggered up my parting - it looked like an axe-wound - so I told him to shave the lot.Headmaster the following day at assembly threw me out, and my folks had to go to the school to see him and discuss.I was banned for a week - I didn't care as it was lovely weather and I hung around a girls' school - and others' did the same when they...
Good find!
Looks like Clapton is pleased to see them... I see he dresses to the right, eh?
I did.
Nope, can't be done this month. I'll see if I can make it in February, but have a good night, anyway.
Aye, got it now, thanks.I could get the tram to St Peter's Square - then it's a three minute stagger. Depend if I can shake off previous engagemnet... I'm on it.
I think I'm at a birthday bash with 'her' on Friday but I could possibly body-swerve it. I'll get back to you.If I go, I'd like to take my camera - whadya reckon?
Edit as I'm an idiot.
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