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Being a College Student, I'm not above asking my parents to help me out with certain investments. I'm a Music Major studying Piano, so I frequently have to be on stage in Black Tie attire whether it's a solo recital or a choir concert, so we're talking pretty much monthly usage. Thankfully I won't have to invest in White Tie attire until I have to play a concerto. Thank you M. Charles for your recommendation, but the 14oz cloth would simply be too heavy and lead to some...
Just another college student trying to pick up a decent tuxedo without breaking the bank too horribly. Just looking for the basic 1-button peak lapel, ventless tuxedo. Here's what's at the top of the list: If anyone has any experience with this specific tuxedo or if anyone has any alternate recommendations I would appreciate it. I'm trying to keep it around the $500 range.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 You are speaking to the wrong women then. I'm a college student. Luckily my girlfriend appreciates the way I dress.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I condemn your misogony. - B Your condemnation would only be an honor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lear We don't get enough opinion from women around here Lear That's the last thing we need. If we listened to the majority of women's opinions about how we should dress, we'd all be wearing square toed kenneth coles, black suits, and ed hardy t-shirts. This site is about dressing to SF-Groupthink standards, not women's.
Haven't posted a look in a while. Figure a conservative one is a safe bet (I hope). Note: I had asked the tailor for 2" cuffs, but they ended up making 1.5" cuffs. I was happy with the way they turned out, so I kept them. Feedback, as always, is very much appreciated.
Those shoes...
Nice! I run the Mountain Light GTX. The boot does almost everything really well, though it's not so great for hotter weather.
I'm a big fan of Kifaru packs. The stuff they make is geared more towards the military but the stuff is ridiculously rugged, customizable, and absolutely the most comfortable packs I've ever used. Their packs are pretty expensive, though, but you get what you pay for. As for boots, I've tried several. Everything from Danner, to Vasque, to Lowa. The best boots my feet ever touched were Hanwag. Best damn boots on the market, but they come at a price. ...
2 hour tempo ride today with a group of old teammates. Just under 50 miles.
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