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I had a friend over for dinner and managed to break two of my antique japanese plates. I dropped a cup on them while they were stacked and the corners chipped off. Both plates lost two pieces but the break is clean and the four broken off pieces are retrieved, no crushing. If I place the pieces back the break is practically seamless. How do I fix this? The plates have emotional value for me so giving them up is not an alternative. I would prefer if a professional were to...
I have the Herring boots in that leather. The last is nice even though the leather could be better. Overall fair value for money.
Sure, keep the money. What could possibly go wrong?
My brother had the following words of wisdom: Do not eat sushi. The feeling of raw fish being pressed up into your virgin wound and forming a vacuum, creating a mating of piscine and human flesh, is not one you prefer to have everyday.
I have a pair of Savoys from the Mayfair last that I am really pleased with. I have used them as beaters, wearing them in the snow etc and they have held up well. I have not noticed any ugly creasing, actually the leather (chestnut) has gotten quite a nice patina. They are also, by far, the most comfortable shoes I own, and were so from the box. For the price (I bought mine as seconds), I think they are unbeatable. Next I will buy some from the Capital last, I am...
I have a pair of 348:s myself. I was actually struck by the similarities between them and the capital last. Needless to say, the 348:s are more angular and C&J quality and leather are better, but the Loakes are a lot cheaper.
I been wanting to purchase those for a while now. I have a pair of the Savoys that I have been wearing in the snow and rain, real beaters, and they have held up great. I tried on the black oxford version of the Strand, the Aldwych I think, and was surprised at how nice it looked. It looked far more expensive than its price.
I like the True Blood TV series
I thought I would make a comment on the fact she was Swedish. Honestly the culture regarding paying for ones date here is very liberal. I would say the standard is going dutch except in the very initial phase of dating. Swedish women are highly emancipated and it is real warning sign, even on the first date, if she doesn't offer to pay for at least a round of drinks, dessert or the taxi. I think the main problem here is her being 18 and used to being looked after by her...
So to pass the six sigma test 30% of your answers can be incorrect? Isn't that more like 2 sigma?
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