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The strange thing is when the asking party gets annoyed and looks at me as if I am somehow playing out an intricate joke where I will help the next person, come back and say "Just kidding, I do work here". They then proceed the eye me suspicously for around 10 minutes until it is clear that I do not work there.
Ha, Abramovich laughs at your measly mini-yachts! From behind his missile defense system! Inside his emergency escape submarine!
Take your modern cars and stuff them, I roll old-school style:
Out of curiosity: what do these programs do that MSWord does not?
I used to have bangs, never had so much acne on the forehead.
I get that problem when I wear over the calf socks. I know of no solution.
I have always hated the concept of pampering yourself, it makes me think of an overweight soccermom eating muffins after her 10 minute "powerwalk" because she "deserves something nice". I had a pedicure once because my feet looked horrible (too much skiing). I would also not turn down a massage.
Clear plastic raincoat. Axe.
The size fitting my body is too short in the arms. Fortunatley Barbour offers lengthening, repairs, and waxing. The cost is not that high but the wait can be annoying, 4-8 weeks here in Stockholm.
Be sure to try their local "cigars"
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