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I will be attending a white tie ball in a few weeks and was wondering about the rules concerning the wearing of white gloves (for men of course). I own a pair and like to use them, but I have always been a little uncertain about when they should be taken off. Naturally, they should not be worn during the meal itself but does this rule also apply to sitting down in general? Should they be worn when shaking someones hand? I think there is a difference depending on if...
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I am sort of in the process of become sick. My immune system is fighting off the major symptoms so I just get these really strange ones. Suddenly my right nostril is clogged. Hours later my left one instead. This morning my throat hurt and I thought I was screwed. Then it just stopped. It's like my cold is mocking me..
See other girls as well. Problem solved.
I think Neal Stephenson has the right idea in The Diamond Age. In short, he desribes a future where nano-technology has been mastered. This has distintegrated nation borders and allowed people to create their own associations, or tribes. One of the most successful tribes is called the Victorians. They have re-adapted the moral and social code of the Victorian era. Their most interesting idiosyncrisy in a world where materials can be forged from atoms and nanocomputers and...
How do you guys workout right after waking up? I need to stare groggily at a light for 10 minutes and eat breakfast before I can move at any significant speed.
A few months ago the power cable for my Dell laptop broke. I went to their homepage so I could order a replacement only to be met by a multitude of options. I tried finding a number to call but soon realized that I was unable to communicate with Dell due to the fact that my support license was void. There was simply no way to ask them a simple question about a product I was willing to purchase
Drama, as in "God, Lauren, I really can't stand Jessica, she's always starting drama". The people, usually teenage girls, who are most vocal about "being so over drama" are the ones most likely to engage in "drama", or as sane people call it: being a dumbass. Snarky. No we do not need a hip euphemism for being a passive-aggressive bitch. If you allow me to play devil's advocate. Usually spoken by smug-looking college students. I hate both the concept and sound of...
I would advise against scrafts
Kiehls has a nice herbal dandruff schampoo. Not sure if its organic though
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