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"Sir, I demand satisfaction"
The Brooks Brothers were really nice. I think I will look into them.
I have never come across a book that is very good in describing more casual styles. I think you are wrong however, to dismiss the books recommended here as too complicated or dressed up. By learning the basics of dressing in a suit you also learn about matching colours and patterns, knowledge that can easily be used in more casual settings. My mother gave me Bernard Roetzel's "Gentleman - A timeless fashion" for my 18th birthday and I really loved it. I gave me a view...
It is also vitally important that the buckets can be purchased at a discount from Plal and STP.
It took me around three years to get to a hundred posts. I entered the current events forum with great anticipation and left again (swiftly) with great relief.
Thank you for your replies. This is not the first time I will be attending this particular ball and, as you said, I have been gloving and degloving quite a bit. This time I will confidently keep them on. I would much prefer the white leather kid variant of gloves but right now I am stuck with cotton. I am going to look around but sadly I do not think I will be able to find a leather pair in time.
fois gras?
Castro is for small-timers
I will be attending a white tie ball in a few weeks and was wondering about the rules concerning the wearing of white gloves (for men of course). I own a pair and like to use them, but I have always been a little uncertain about when they should be taken off. Naturally, they should not be worn during the meal itself but does this rule also apply to sitting down in general? Should they be worn when shaking someones hand? I think there is a difference depending on if...
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