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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger the sf way would be to go out and buy a new pair of shoes +1 Not to mention purchasing braces (with the appropriate bespoke high rise pants) with white leather fasteners so you do not run into this problem again.
Quote: Originally Posted by pe-ja-per People mention 12$ shoe trees. Can I get details on that deal? I've used plastic ones because all I found in Europe are £30 shoe trees and that's a bit much... From France: http://www.bexley.com/Bexley/shoe-Em...Referrer=12141 4 pairs for 59 Euros, that's 13,2 GBP or 21.3 USD per pair. I have them in all my shoes.
The best part is when he is overcome with throat chills after removing his ascot tie.
Dancing House, Prague Beautiful city, horrible house
Yup, you should see the Swedish newspapers. They are full of people who are "shocked" and "dismayed". Not to mention the "just before Christmas" aspect. The fact that Saab has basically never been profitable seems to elude everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Black and pinstripes for odd trousers? You dug yourself into a terrible hole there. Great avatar with post
Sometimes I have the tab "My posts" between Search and New posts. Often I don't. This makes me very sad because I like this tab (yes I am logged in). Why?
The patchworked jacket is described as standard. Standard is not built in a day? I want to be a rugged hunter!
It is certainly a hipster beverage. Reason enough to avoid it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scuttlebutt Girlfriend's birthday coming up (and...Christmas), and she wants some (more) Ugg boots. Any suggestions for a pair of boots for her that are warmer, better quality, and LOOK better than these things? Kind of want to spite her... 1. Find new girlfriend who doesn't wear Uggs. 2. Send photos of new happy couple to old girlfriend 3. 4. ? 5. Profit!
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